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Mock-Gov Characters

Daniel Anderson (625 - ) (In Use)


General Assembly Member in the Kodiak Republic (655 - )
Assembly Member Representative of Dansland City (655 - )
Former Restaurant Waiter (648 - 653)

Daniel Evanston Anderson, better known as Daniel Anderson, is a General Assembly Member in Kodiak, known for his Space Partnership with Joint Research Institutes Act, 658, he has a degree in Political Science, a keen Pacifist and Observer of Space, Daniel is open-minded and is open for change, he is currently an Independent member in the General Assembly.

Daniel Anderson was born in Duckburg, on 625, Daniel Anderson is the middle child of the Anderson Family, his father is Edward Anderson, and his mother is Daisy Evanston, after 2 years in Duckburg, the Anderson Family moved to Dansland City. The Anderson Family was a middle-income family, so Daniel Anderson had an average life as a child. Growing up, Daniel would watch the news with his father, he was fascinated by the politics and the government of Kodiak, and as he was growing up, he promised to his parents that he will be part of the government someday, jumpstarting his motivation to become a politician.

Daniel Anderson attended the Kindergarten of Dansland, being at the top of their class, it was this time that Daniel's father, Edward, begins teaching to him what the government of Kodiak is, giving him the basic knowledge of Kodiak, which would help if he ever will be a Politician in the future, after finishing kindergarten, Daniel would get a diary from his mother, Daisy, there, Daniel would write his ideas if he ever was a politician and his goals to do. Daniel's middle school and highschool experience was normal, with him having more friends as time went on, Daniel then graduated highschool, being at one of the smartest in his class.

After Graduating, Daniel moved to Rykkburgh, with the help of his parents, to enroll at the University of Rykkburgh to pursue his goal to get a Political Science degree in order to become a true politician. Daniel worked hard, learning more and more about the complex politics of the government of Kodiak. It was also this time that Daniel became interested in history, learning about the wars and revolutions Kodiak and many other nations faced, which led to Daniel being a keen pacifist and strongly against the starting of tensions and conflict between people and country. Daniel also became fascinated with space. astonished at how much the world hasn't reasearched about it, and Daniel was concerned about the growing possibilities that conflict may happen in space, and he vowed to avoid it at all costs. After years of learning in the University, Daniel finally graduated with a degree of Political Science at 23 Years old, however, due to his familiy's terrible situation and lack of money, Daniel was forced to work as a waiter in a restaurant, however, Daniel had a positive experience there, making many friends along the years, and giving enough money to recover from the situation Daniel's family was in, it was there that Daniel would meet Johanna Annalyn, and fell in love with her intelligence, Johanna and Daniel would become friends, hanging out with eachother, becoming closer and closer, until on 652, Daniel asked Johanna to be his girlfriend, and she said yes, becoming Daniel's girlfriend.

After this, Daniel finally had enough to stop working as a waiter, and on 653, Daniel quits his job as a Waiter, now setting his eyes to become member of the General Assembly, Daniel begun preparing to become for the role, but before that, Daniel decided to become married with Johanna, and starting a family in Rykkburgh on 654. Finally, after a year of preparing, Daniel finally ran for Assembly Member Representative of Dansland on late 654, and after weeks of campaigning, he was finally elected, and Daniel finally became a member after years of dreaming about it, and he celebrated after. Daniel started his work as a Member of the General Assembly and Representative on the start of 655, working as an independent member and working with the government to pass laws and debate on proposals which would shape the future of Kodiak.

Today, Daniel Anderson is still serving as a General Assembly Member and representative of Dansland for 5 years and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. Outside of Politics, Daniel is married with no children, he likes to walk his dog every day, and he is an avid basketball fan.

Matthew Williams (631 - ) (In Use)


Voting Member in the United Regions Alliance (657 - )
URA Delegate of the Kodiak Republic (656 - )

Matthew Devant-Lemunsburg Williams, better known as Matthew Williams, is Kodiak's Delegate in the United Regions Alliance, he is the face of The Kodiak Republic in the alliance, he is smart and diplomatic, tries to cooperate to avoid conflict, and does his best to represent Kodiak in the URA.

To be Continued...

Andrew Summersons (579 - ) (Retired)

NS RP Characters

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NS Nation



The United Republic of Danslandia commonly called Danslandia, is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic in The Kodiak Republic. It is bordered on the north by Northern Waters, on the south-east by Kallamaya, by the east by New Asden and on the west by Iraeli. Danslandia has an estimated population of 2.9 Billion. Danslandia comprises of 22 Subregions and 5 States.

If you want to know more about Danslandia, please click here.

Out of Character Ardinem

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