Space Partnership with Joint Research Institutes Act, 658

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An act to allow and facilitate international space cooperation.
PASSED by the General Assembly on 15 October 2023 - 12 aye, 06 nay, 01 abstain.

Article 1 - Definition of Space Grounds

1.1: Space Grounds are defined as The Observable Universe outside of Earth's atmosphere.

1.2: Space Grounds are places where nations research and create projects about Space and its properties.

Article 2 - Space Research Council

2.1: A Space Research Council shall be made and shall be dedicated to researching about Space.

2.2: The Space Research Council shall cooperate with other space Research organizations via Joint Research agreements, non-compete agreements, and/or participation in space testing.

2.3: The Space Research Council shall not militarize space grounds under any circumstances, be it having Military presence in space or creating space projects which could benefit only the Military.

2.4: The Space Research Council shall send reports and checks of their current status to the government, so that the government may give the Space Research Council the proper funding, this can be edited do that the government doesn't put too mich funding the the Council when it is not needed, or put too little funding that is not sufficient for the Council's projects.

Article 3: Partnership with Joint Research Institutes

3.1: The Kodiak Republic will cooperate with Foreign nations, in space grounds, if it doesn't have a negative effect to the nation and/or its neighbours.

3.2: The Republic shall seek to avoid non-beneficial competing with other nations in space grounds, whether Militarily or Technologically, however, the SRC is allowed to take part in friendly competitions which would benefit the nation improving innovation.

3.3: The Republic shall seek to minimize costs by the Partnership with Joint Research Institutes.

Tabled by Daniel Anderson, MGA

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