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An aerial view of Sankey, the constituency's largest settlement
Major settlements
Current constituency
MGATom Westbrook
Local councils
Created fromSankey and Molesly

Sankeyshire is a constituency represented in the General Assembly of the Kodiak Parliament by Tom Westbrook, and independent MGA since 650.

Constituency profile

The constituency of Sankeyshire covers the areas of the Borough of Sankey and the Boroughs of Ladywood and Maryfield along with the surrounding environs of the three small towns.

Sankey, the largest settlement in the constituency, has grown significantly since the start of the 7th century and the demographics of the town have become increasingly more youthful with some 48% of the population being under 35 years of age by the latest census data.


The constituency was created in 616 when lobbying from several growing towns prompted a reworking of the local constituencies of Godsith. Sankeyshire, which had been a ceremonial and history county within Godsith was split from the old constituency of Sankey and Molesly. This was also to keep in line with government guides on population limits to constituencies as ministers were concerned about the growing populations of the two regions surpassing the 350,000 limit.

Political History

The seat has a strong history of electing independents. The first MGA for Sankeyshire was Lawrence Atkinson, who won the seat in a by-election in 617, beating members running for major parties such as the Kodiak Worker's Party and the National Unity Party. He lost he seat the following year in the 618 general election due to an affair scandal to Mary Whitehead, another independent who held the seat until 650 when she retired. In the subsequent by-election, Tom Westbrook, another independent candidate, was elected becoming the youngest MGA ever elected at the age of 22.

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