Tom Westbrook

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Tom Westbrook

Official portrait of Tom Westbrook
Member of the General Assembly
Assumed office
1 April 650
PresidentPatrick Barber
ChancellorJohn Edwards
Vice PresidentKlaus Mikaelson
Preceded byMary Whitehead
Personal details
Thomas Arthur Westbrook

19 July 627
Political partyIndependent
EducationPhilosophy and Politics
Template:WpUniversity of Mengtian

Thomas Arthur Westbrook (born 19 July 627) is a Kodiak politician who has been the Member of the General Assembly (MGA) for Sankeyshire since the 650 by-election in the constituency. At the age of 22, he became the youngest MGA to have ever taken office. He is also the only openly bisexual male MGA. During his degree he worked as a social and environmental justice activist, a role which he continued to work in after graduation.

Early life

Westbrook was born on 19 July 628 in Duckburg and grew up in the suburbs of the city. He has two sisters and one brother. His father is a professor of Law at the University of Rykkburgh and his mother is an accredited neurosurgeon. Both of his parents have also enjoyed successful political careers having served in the public offices of local governments.

The family moved from Duckburg to Rykkburgh when Westbrook was eight years old and he completed his primary and secondary education in the city. Westbrook has been described by his adolescent classmates and teachers as a studious boy with a profound sense of duty to others. He read philosophy and politics at the University of Mengtian, graduating in 648.

Westbrook was active in several climate and social justice political movements while at university. He was president of the university's LGBTQ society and the university's Green society. He was also briefly a member of the Kodiak Workers Party (KWP) between 646 and 647 when he helped run local Youth Assembly sessions. Westbrook has cited the party's refusal to commit to clear climate goals as one of the reasons for breaking from the KWP.

Political career


After graduating, Westbrook continued to work with political activist organisations within Godsith campaigning against several unsustainable development projects and petitioning local councils to implement more environmentally friendly practices where possible. Westbrook moved to Sankey, Godsith in 649 and began work with a local LGBTQ charity.

Westbrook also has a large platform on social media sites such as Tweeter, VidTube and TipTop which he uses to discuss current affairs in Kodiak and abroad, particularly social and environmental issues.

Assembly career

By elections were called in Westbrook's local constituency of Sankeyshire after the previous MGA for the constituency, Mary Whitehead, resigned over allegations of bullying. Westbrook stood as an independent for the seat, and through an effective election campaign, was able to win 67% of the vote. He was appointed to the General Assembly in 650.

After his appointment, he immediately petitioned several key members for assistance in the creation of the Kodiak Universal Rights bill, 650. He has also been an active participant in debates over measures to curtail the rise of domestic terrorism in Kodiak.

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