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for the General Assembly
Picture of a road in Dansland, 634.
ProvinceEruestani Peninsula
Major settlements
Current constituency
Representative at the General AssemblyDaniel Anderson
Local council

Dansland is a constituency represented in the General Assembly by Daniel Anderson, an Independent Member of the General Assembly since 655.

Constituency Profile

Dansland is one of the 8 Constituencies in the Eruestani Peninsula, it is located south of Duckburg, near the coast, Dansland is primarily a middle-income city. since its founding, Dansland has been represented in the General Assembly by 3 Members, the current representative is Daniel Anderson, elected on 655 during Dansland's representative elections.


Dansland was founded on 621 in combined efforts to spread the population in the Eruestani Peninsula outwards. During the first years of Dansland's founding, the people formed the Dansland City Council to administer the city. Dansland had a relatively small population of 30,200, however, huge increases of populations during the 620's. During this population rise, Dansland would grow from a small town to a regional city, gaining population to rise up to 77,980, the population would continue to increase more and more for the coming years. Dansland would create settlements across the city, with the first being New Hausitania, which would grow to become the most populated settlement in Dansland.

Today, Dansland is still a Regional City, with 352,301 people living in the city, and is still growing to this day.

Electoral History

It wasn't until 623 that Dansland would begin elections for MGA representatives, during the 623 elections, the fast and rising Andrew Summersons would run as the representative of Dansland, and after weeks of campaigning, Andrew Summersons would be elected as the representative of Dansland on 623. During the years of Andrew being the representative, Dansland would gradually become Alliance for National Democracy agligned as Andrew Summersons became the Leader of the party, however, on 644, Andrew Summersons would be barred from the General Assembly after faking members in the Alliance for National Democracy, due to this, Dansland would remove Andrew Summersons as the representative of the city, due to this, new elections would begin in late 644, Dominic Mark would run, and would be elected on early 645, becoming the 2nd Representative of Dansland. During this time, the Dansland City Council would create a 10 year Representative term limit, which would limit Dominic's representative term. Dominic would be representative for 10 years, being an independent memeber in the General Assembly, on 655, Dominic Mark would finally retire from politics, and on 655, the elections started, and [[Daniel Anderson would alter be elected as the representative, becoming the third representative of Dansland.

Today, Daniel Anderson is the current representative of Dansland since 655, and is expected to be the repsentative until 665.

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