Second Corey Cabinet

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Second Cabinet of Jason Corey
Cabinet Corey II

12th Cabinet of the
Seventh Kodiak Republic
Date formed07 May 655
Date dissolved22 January 657
People and organisations
ChancellorJason Corey
Acting ChancellorJonn Stevens
Member partyNational Unity
Democratic Progress
Status in legislatureNation First Coalition
108 / 200 (54%)
Opposition partyKodiak Workers
Centrist Alliance
Opposition leaderBraughn Kryos (KWP)
Election654 General Election
PredecessorCorey I
SuccessorWard I

The Second Corey Cabinet was the government of the Serene Republic of Kodiak from 07 May 655 until 22 January 657. It was led by Acting Chancellor Jonn Stevens of the Democratic Progress Party and Deputy Chancellor Magnus Ward of the National Unity Party. The cabinet was supported by the Nation First coalition of the National Unity Party (NUP) and the Democratic Progress Party (DPPK).

On the night of 04 May 655, Chancellor Jason Corey was involved in a debilitating motor vehicle accident, causing significant physical and mental trauma, and was placed into an induced coma. The Cabinet convened over the weekend and resolved to declare the new cabinet under Deputy Chancellor Jonn Stevens. The new cabinet succeeded the First Corey Cabinet on 07 May. Minister of Commerce Magnus Ward was selected as Deputy Chancellor by virtue of being the next ranking NUP minister. Mr. Corey never returned to government and resigned his responsibilities as Chancellor in August of 656.


Portfolio Minister Took Office Left Office Party
Nominal Chancellor Jason Corey 18 January 654 18 January 657 - NUP
Acting Chancellor
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order
Jonn Stevens 07 May 655 22 January 657 DPPK
Deputy Chancellor
Minister of Commerce and Labour
Magnus Ward 07 May 655 22 January 657 NUP
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs Tobias Virsturm 07 May 655 22 January 657 DPPK
Minister of Revenue and Treasury William Jamison 07 May 655 22 January 657 Ind.
Minister of Health and Education Louis von Hengstler 07 May 655 22 January 657 NUP
Minister of Social Services Reifyrm Visdvk 07 May 655 22 January 657 Ind.
Minister of Transportation Aaron Tonnesen 07 May 655 22 January 657 NUP
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