First Barber Cabinet

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First Cabinet of Patrick Barber
Cabinet Barber I

5th Cabinet of the
Seventh Kodiak Republic
Date formed21 January 642
Date dissolved21 January 645
People and organisations
ChancellorPatrick Barber
Deputy ChancellorOskar Luchens (NUP)
Member partyKodiak Workers
Status in legislature
103 / 200 (52%)
Opposition partyNational Unity
Opposition leaderOskar Luchens
Election642 General Election
PredecessorKarlsson I
SuccessorLuchens I

The First Barber Cabinet was the government of the Serene Republic of Kodiak from 21 January 642 until 21 January 645. It was led by Chancellor Patrick Barber of the Kodiak Workers' Party and Deputy Chancellor Osker Luchens of the National Unity Party.

It was installed following the 642 Kodiak General Election and succeeded the First Karlsson Cabinet. Barber was elected as Chancellor by the General Assembly on 18 January 642 with support from the Progress Party and President Tobias Virsturm. Chancellor Barber resolved to appoint a cross-party cabinet consisting of KWP and NUP leadership in an effort to ensure stability in the face of a possible invasion from the Kingdom of the Great North. it was formally approved by the Kodiak General Assembly three days later. Opposition Leader (and former Army Colonel) Oskar Luchens was appointed Deputy Chancellor and lead the Defence and Foreign Affairs Ministry.


Portfolio Minister Took Office Left Office Party
Minister of Commerce and Labour
Patrick Barber 18 January 642 18 January 645 - KWP
Deputy Chancellor
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs
Oskar Luchens 21 January 642 21 January 645 NUP
Minister of Treasury and Revenue John Edwards 21 January 642 21 January 645 KWP
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order Alexander Mondo 21 January 642 21 January 645 NUP
Minister of Health and Education Jocelyn Jones 21 January 642 21 January 645 KWP
Minister of Social Services Simon Kalimeno 21 January 642 21 January 645 NUP
Minister of Transportation Joe Clerkson 21 January 642 21 January 645 KWP
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