First Luchens Cabinet

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First Cabinet of Oskar Luchens
Cabinet Luchens I

6th Cabinet of the
Seventh Kodiak Republic
Date formed21 January 645
Date dissolved13 March 645
People and organisations
ChancellorOskar Luchens
Deputy ChancellorAaron Tonnesen
Member partyNational Unity
Status in legislature
101 / 200 (51%)
Opposition partyKodiak Workers
Opposition leaderKlaus Mikaelson
Election645 General Election
PredecessorBarber I
SuccessorLuchens II

The First Luchens Cabinet was the government of the Serene Republic of Kodiak from 21 January 645 until 16 June 647. It was led by Chancellor Oskar Luchens and Deputy Chancellor Aaron Tonnesen of the National Unity Party.

It was installed following the 645 Kodiak General Election and succeeded the First Barber Cabinet. Luchens was elected as Chancellor by the General Assembly on 18 January 645. Luchens was elected during the initial movements of the Great North invasion of the Darrent. His cabinet appointments were the first (and so far only) cabinet list to be knocked back by the General Assembly on the first vote. Opposition party the KWP rallied a contingent of Assembly Members to oppose the list after Luchens initially refused to include KWP leader Klaus Mikaelson in the war cabinet. The Provisional Cabinet served until a new cabinet was approved by the General Assembly on 13 March 465.


Portfolio Minister Took Office Left Office Party
Minister of Commerce and Labour
Minister of Health and Education
Oskar Luchens 18 January 645 18 January 648 - NUP
Deputy Chancellor
Minister of Transportation
Aaron Tonnesen 21 January 645 13 March 645 NUP
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order Alexander Mondo 21 January 645 13 March 645 NUP
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs Michael Valois 21 January 645 13 March 645 NUP
Minister of Revenue and Treasury Reginald Karbunkle 21 January 645 13 March 645 NUP
Minister of Social Services Hester Sirocco-Loren 21 January 648 13 March 645 KWP
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