John Edwards

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John Edwards

Early Life & Career

Born in 593, John started out in healthcare as a nurse, specialised in palliative care where he joined the Kodiak Nurses Union.

Early Political Career

John started his political career when he was selected to represent the nursing union in Ardania. He soon came to the position of treasurer for the union until a need was seen to represent healthcare workers interests in local government. He became known as a numbers man who was able to do deals to get the best results for the workers of the area. As political power grew he was drawn to the Kodiak Workers Party as a natural fit to pursue workers rights on a national level.

Political Activity

John has acted as Revenue Minister and Treasurer for two consecutive governments. First, in the 642 election under Chancellor Patrick Barber, and then again, in the 645 Election under Chancellor Luchens. Following Chancellor Luchens illness, preventing him from seeking a second term, and Patrick Barbers continuation as Assembly President, John ran uncontested for the Chancellery.

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