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Battadia, known on Discord as Battadia#8545, joined Kodiak in April of 2023, following the archival of Force, and since then has been involved in the mock-government roleplay.


Grant Shadbolt (592 - ) (Active)

Grant Shadbolt.jpg

Member of the Kodiak General Assembly for Crystal City West
Former CFO of Shadbolt's Grooming Products
Former Chair of the Sjokalade Facial Hair Association

Grant Leen-Brant Shadbolt was born in 592 in Astroburg, one of many scions to the Shadbolt grooming product empire. When he was 12 years old, he moved with his parents to Crystal City, where his father was to set up the Sjokalade branch of Shadbolt's, which he performed with great success, becoming the head of Shadbolt's Sjokalade. Shadbolt attended Crystal City University, where he gained a Master's in Economic Management. This degree propelled him through the ranks of the Shadbolt's firm, where he eventually became the Chief Financial Officer.

As CFO, Shadbolt utilised a combination of aggressive pricing strategies and surveillance of competitors to give the company market dominance in the men's hair grooming product across Kodiak. While some claim that his strategies included unethical business practises, including industrial spying, Shadbolt has consistently denied these allegations. Through his lofty position at Shadbolt's, he became the Chair of the Sjokalade Facial Hair Association, a round-table for those involved in both having and maintaining facial hair in the Sjokalade province. When Shadbolt's son became the Head of Manufacturing at Shadbolt's, Shadbolt felt he had done his duty to the family firm, and retired to pursue a career in politics. Using the connections he had formed through the Sjokalade Facial Hair Association to become known as a vocal advocate for Crystal City. This caused him to become the Centrist Kodiak Alliance candidate for Crystal City West in the 654 General Election, where he was elected to the General Assembly.

Outside of politics, Shadbolt is well known for his continued involvement in the Sjokalade facial hair scene, although he is no longer a member of the Association in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest. He has become a staple of Crystal City business conventions, which he attends accompanied by his wife, as well as one of his three children, when they visit. He has also become known for his love of rivercraft, and spends much of his spare time on his longboat sailing around the rivers and lakes of southern Sjokalade.



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