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I thank the Premier America JB for his gracious invitation to the TDR Diplomatic Ball and I apologise that I am not able to make it during the times outlined. I hope the below submission will effectively demonstrate my and my government's committent to relations with the Democratic Republic and fulfil the expectations of the ball while I am soundly asleep on the other side of the planet.

About the Ambassador

In Kodiaker Terms

Mr. Patrick Barber, MGA

Patrick Barber is the Secretary-General of the Kodiak Workers' Party, a former Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic, and serves presently as the President of the Kodiak General Assembly. He has served as the Election Director for the United Regions Alliance and is the Kodiak Ambassador Plenipotentiary for the Democratic Republic as well as India, the Union of Wreath and Rose, and the United Kingdom.

In Wider Internet Terms

Flag of Rykkland

Rykkland has been in NationStates since October 2006, serving as Community Director and Lead Administrator of Kodiak since April 2008 and was once voted 20th most influential player in NationStates GamePlay.[1] He has twice previously brokered peace between raider and defender organisations. He has served as head of government for three major regions (with 100+ WA nations), and often operates as an intermediary between hostile governments and organisations.

He was previously community manager of the Ardania - Oceania Survival Gaming community from 2015 to 2021. He has further experience as policy director for the BlockOdyssey Minecraft multi-server community from 2012 to 2015 and as lead creative coordinator of Mikeland MineCraft Creative from 2011 to 2012 (both large 100+ member/day communities).

The Kodiak Republic in 2022

Population growth over 2022.
Population growth over 2022.[2]

Five election cycles have wound through Kodiak this year, with unexpected population stagnation as well as an IC war with the Great North.

31 Dec 2021 - RP year 636

Alexander Mondo was elected Chancellor with Ulrykk von Guelderlaand as Assembly President. Political parties were established by judicial order and the popular Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand was assassinated by right-wing terrorists. Kodiak began working to establish more meaningful inter-governmental relations. While the embasies with Alcris and New Western Empire were closed due to lack of communication from their leadership, Kodiak was accepted into the URA with nearly unanimous approval (the Democratic Republic being the lone "Nay" vote).

07 March - RP year 639

Wesley Karlsson of the DLKP was elected Chancellor with Tobias Virstürm of the PPK as Assembly President. An embassy with Anteria was opened while talks for a treaty with India began. The executive was very quiet, with a poor showing from Chancellor Karlsson, but the Assembly passed a number of economic reforms, including a surprise alliance between the conservative NUP and the socialist KWP to nationalise municipal water and energy production and allocation.

30 May - RP year 642

Patrick Barber of the KWP was elected Chancellor with Tobias Virstürm holding on as Assembly President. The DLPK disbanded and was absorbed by the NUP just a day after the election. Three major treaties were signed, opening relations with India, United Kingdom, and the Democratic Republic. Major tax reforms were passed, including a Georgist Land-Value Tax, a tax on empty homes, and major increases to corporation and capital gains taxes. A landmark public housing policy barely passed just 52-38% after support for the government was withdrawn by the NUP early in the debate. Major defence spending increases were sponsored by the NUP with the government unable to pass any meaningful amendments.

22 Aug - RP year 645

Oskar Luchens of the NUP was elected Chancellor with Patrick Barber of the KWP elected Assembly President. War with the Great North broke out with massive sections of the province of the Darrent being lost to occupying troops. The TGN economy began to suffer greatly over the course of the invasion and a ceasefire was agreed. Kodiak spent the two years of ceasefire building up military strength while the TGN economy continued to suffer. Conscription and massive defence spending increases were passed while right-wing terrorists took the opportunity to harass and harm ethnic and religious minority groups. Mr. Luchens took ill after a fall and was unable to govern through the final year of his term.

14 Nov - RP year 648

John Edwards of the KWP was elected Chancellor with Patrick Barber of the KWP again Assembly President. A relationship with the Union of Wreath and Rose was established and talks of an alliance with the People's Republic of Wintercrest have begun. An invitation to the Aegis Union was rebuffed after concerns about sovereignty and misuse of diplomatic cables. After a poll to retain conscription was passed by only one vote in the Assembly, riots and protests broke out across Kodiak with right-wing vigilante groups dramatically increasing the violence. While an 11th hour deal with the NUP was not able to change the results, a new resolution by the KWP to repeal conscription was passed with some accusing the Chancellor of bribing the NUP with billions in increased defence spending. The next election is due 06 February 2023 - RP year 651.

Future Relations with the Democratic Republic

Troubled times in the past not withstanding, it is the intention of the government of the Republic of Kodiak to continue its relationship with the Democratic Republic. It would be remiss to ignore that we were frustrated at TDR's vote against our accession to the URA and the promise to revoke the embassy with Declansburg remaining un-honoured for so long until the state of hostilities between that region and Kodiak ceased at approximately the same moment the embassy was removed. It is still the policy of Kodiak that regions with democratic foundations must work together to continue to demonstrate the superiority of democratic principles. We are pleased to see the return of an elected head-of-state in TDR and I await the moment I may personally congratulate the winner of the next consul election.

Kodiak is exploring a number of very exciting cultural events for the next year, and it is our hope that citizens in TDR will be among the first to be invited to partake as inter-national partners. Without giving any especial time frames, we hope to soon have ready a Valheim survival server for treaty partners, an inter-national chess tournament, a pass-along Crusader Kings III save-game, an international RP major sport tournament, among other things such as our annual Kodiak Day (15 April) and Founders' Day (27 July) celebrations.

Kodiak is also still open minded to considering reforms by the Aegis Union which may change our stance on membership, presuming that offer remains on the table in future.

I thank the Democratic Republic again for inviting me to this event, and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


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