The Nuclear Power Act (644)

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The Nuclear Power Act

An act to regulate nuclear power.
Amended by Resolution to Amend the Nuclear Power Act, 644.

Article 1 - Nuclear Reactors

1.1 - By policy, nuclear power shall be a major contributor to the national grid with an expectation of expansion above 60% of carbon-fuel generation.
1.2 - Reactors shall be replaced for efficiency and/or economic viability as determined by the Kodiak Electricity and Gas Utilities Company (KEGU Co).
1.3 - Nuclear power generation shall be controlled by KEGU Co as a state owned enterprise.
1.4 - Authorises ₣250 million per quarter for the administration, inspection, research, and approval procedures of current and future nuclear reactors.

Article 2 - Repeal of Existing Nuclear Power Act

2.1 - The Nuclear Power Act (Inter) is repealed by this Act.

Author: Reifyrm Visdvk, MGA