National Energy Act (641)

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National Energy Company Act (641)

An act to nationalise electricity and natural gas storage, development, distribution, and allocation.
Approved on 21st May 2022 with 14 Aye, 1 Nay, 3 Abstain.

Sections 2.4 and 3.3 Amended on 25, April 2023 by The State Enterprise and General Communications Resolution, 652

Article 1 - Acquisition of National Private Energy Providers

1.1 - All present subsidies and corporate tax discounts for energy creation and distribution shall be ended.
1.2 - The Kodiak Ministry of Commerce and Labour shall create the Department of Utilities Management - empowered to acquire 100% of the current standing energy infrastructure, including but not limited to transformers, lines, pumps, piping, monitoring stations, power plants, and energy resource distribution services.
1.3 - In accordance with the findings of an independent public financial review and consultation with the organisational boards and majority shareholders of the fifteen largest energy providers currently residing within Kodiak, the Ministry of Revenue and Treasury shall allocate a one-time payment in full of ₣22,450 million.

Article 2 - Creation of the Kodiak Electricity and Gas Utilities Company (KEGU Co)

2.1 - The Kodiak Electricity and Gas Utilities Company (KEGU Co) shall be created under the Department of Utilities Management within the Ministry of Commerce and Labour.
2.2 - KEGU Co shall be run by an independent board of 12 members, three representatives from the employees, six representatives as chosen by the parliament, and three expert representatives as chosen by the prior nine for five year terms.
2.3 - KEGU Co further be divided into two branches (gas and electricity) as well as no less than 15 regional districts.
2.4 - The KEGU Co shall be run by its management as a profitable enterprise in line with market rates with operations and procurement to be paid for out of the company's general revenues.

Article 3 - Compulsory Energy Meter Provision

3.1 - It shall be an obligation that all private and public lots, commercial, industrial, and residential, must have installed a state-provided natural gas and electrical meter easily accessible from a public street or appropriate easement to any KEGU Co inspectors.
3.2 - KEGU Co shall provide, at subsidised cost not to exceed $500 for installation, a KEGU Co approved SMART meter for any property that requests such. These meters shall have the computational capability of monitoring, limiting, and planning for energy consumption by the end consumer, as well as real time fees and pricing data.
3.3 - The KEGU Co shall be allocated ₣70 million in public funds each quarter via the Ministry of Commerce and Labour.

Written by Patrick Barber - General Secretary of the Kodiak Workers' Party.