The Advanced Education Act (637)

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A resolution to increase spending for the purpose of education for the Kodiak Republic.
PASSED 12 Feb 2022 - 15 Aye, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain.
AMENDED by the Advanced Education Act.
AMENDED by the Emergency Education Appropriations Act.
AMENDED by the Amendment: The Advanced Education Act (664)

Article 1 - Public Libraries

1.1 - All public libraries shall be owned and operated by the Ministry of Education, to be administered by local offices within each constituency.
1.2 - All public libraries shall be free for use for all citizens.
1.3 - Public libraries shall be built with the ability to serve a minimum of 25,000 citizens.
1.4 - Local government shall no longer be constrained from utilizing public funds to build, staff, and administrate public libraries.
1.5 - Any such facility shall, upon proper vetting by the Department of Education, be permitted to apply for a nationally funded public library to be funded under this act.
1.6 - The funding for the building and subsidizing of public libraries shall be set at 500,000,000 Florins per quarter.

Article 2 - Technical Colleges

2.1 - Funding for The Star Path State Technical Colleges shall be provisioned under this act.
2.2 - The Star Path State Technical Colleges shall be funded and built by the Government. The Headquarters of The Star Path will be located in Rykkburgh. These Technical Colleges will be under the management of the Ministry of Education.
2.2.1 - All facilities built may be contracted out to businesses that are able to take on the responsibility of managing The Star Path State Technical Colleges. The Ministry of Education will have the responsibilities of setting requirements for businesses' to win these contracts.
2.3 - The Star Path State Technical Colleges skills taught shall be dictated by this Article of The Advanced Education Act more may be added to it by the Ministry of Education but nothing may be removed or modified unless it is by the General Assembly.
2.3.1 - Welding
2.3.1 - Under Water Welding
2.3.1 - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
2.3.1 - Machinist
2.3.1 - Mining
2.3.1 - Truck Driving
2.3.1 - Material Handling (Warehouse Work)
2.3.1 - Agriculture Skills
2.3.1 - Carpentry
2.3.1 - Automotive Technology
2.3.1 - Collision Repair Technology
2.3.1 - Computer Information Technology
2.3.1 - Cosmetology
2.3.1 - Dental Assisting
2.3.1 - Early Childhood Education
2.4 - The Ministry Of Education shall be in charge of setting the requirements and paths for entrance and graduation into The Star Path State Technical Colleges. The Ministry of Education will also be responsible for determining the number of students enrolled in the Colleges yearly.
2.5 - The Star Path State Technical Colleges shall Provide housing and Food to all students who are staying in the facilities.
2.6 - Students shall not be removed from or rescinded facilities until they have been placed in an apprenticeship or employed for a period of 3 or more months, except in instances of academic failure or disciplinary expulsion.
2.6.1 - Housing shall be provided for the student for up to 3 months following graduation or termination of the student. Any housing and board fees must be repaid by the student within 12 months after leaving student housing.
2.7 - The Star Path State Technical College funding shall be set at 325 million florins per quarter.

Written by Tim/Vikstein

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