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Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 @Assembly Member For your consideration, an act to fund public libraries and technical colleges. Proposed by Minister Vikstein Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 28/01/2022 Hello all, the purpose of this resolution is to bring attention to the lacking facilities and funding for other outlets of education in our region. Education is crucially important, and the funding towards public libraries and technical colleges will help in the effort to bringing the Kodiak Republic to educational standards. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them in here. Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 28/01/2022 Is the "Minimum of 25k citizens" part meaning 25k per day or 25k yearly? I don't know the capacity for libraries so I don't get it much Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 28/01/2022 Technically it can be both, but it means the ability to provide services to at least that amount of people. It goes more in depth than this; libraries which can serve 25,000-35,000 may have around double that number of books in stock, but if it cannot service at least this amount then it cannot be built (at least with funding from the act) Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 So its a floor for the minimum catchment area of a facility, yeah? Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 28/01/2022 Correct Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 It could be a big library for 50k, but it can't be a small library for 10k Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 28/01/2022 Right, the idea is to always supply that minimum amount. The discretion of where they can be built is up to the education department, so we would not see a small library in a city with only 10,000 citizens. Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 by reading the act, we wouldn't see a library in a city of 10k citizens at all Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 28/01/2022 I was meaning to type this but deleted it; the real purpose of this act is to set a starting point in larger population zones of Kodiak to provide libraries to these areas first. However, if a city of 10,000 can prove a potential usage of 25,000 citizens then it can be built, an example of this could be a college town, or a community of cities within a county or collective Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 I note that 500million is the topmost limit of funding the simulation provides, so I would presume it would include libraries up to and including municipalities of as low as 3k people in them Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 28/01/2022 OOC: the budget was one of the points I would hope people would discuss, the number was pretty abstract as I didn't know the appropriate amount to select for an act like this. However, I did know we had such a surplus that it would not be an issue Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 IC I am fully in support of maximal funding for libraries We have the money and we need to the facilities Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 28/01/2022 I am all for this bill. I just still don't understand the tech college part Zoque Fotekh — 28/01/2022 I assume that the term "technology college" is just an alternative to what I know as "technical collage" - diploma and certificate level qualifications (trades etc) as opposed to university level degrees? The terminology probably varies.

Or do you mean colleges that specialise in "technology"? and if so, what do you define as "technology"? Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 29/01/2022 That may just be a continuing typo which I failed to catch This should read Technical College @Zoque Fotekh It is updated to reflect Technical Colleges and not Technology Colleges Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 29/01/2022 still Private and Public or only Public? Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 01/02/2022 This will subsidize both public and private tech schools Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 01/02/2022 ok I have no objections Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 01/02/2022 Mmmmmm I wanna see the result of this in around 10 years (in-lore) Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 02/02/2022 If there are no other comments or concerns then I would like to push this to a vote by Friday Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 02/02/2022 go for it Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 03/02/2022 Patrick Barber — 05/02/2022 If there are no objections or requests for amendment from the members, i will bring this to vote first thing in my morning (approx 10-12 hours). Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 08/02/2022 Pollmaster BOT

— 09/02/2022

>> aded Poll Question Do you approve of the Advancing Education Act? Roles Assembly Member Anonymous True Deadline Poll is closed. ​ Final Results of the Poll (Single Choice):

regional_indicator_a: Aye - 15 Votes
regional_indicator_b: Nay - 0 Votes
regional_indicator_c: Abstain - 0 Votes

React with ❔ to get info. It is not a vote option. Patrick Barber — 09/02/2022 @Assembly Members may now vote whether to approve this resolution regarding education. You'll need to click the icon below the voting box or your vote will not be counted. If you are unsure if it has been counted, you can click the [?] icon and it will tell you you need to use the vote box. Please wait 10 seconds for your count to register with the server. Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 15/02/2022

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