Technology and Innovation Grants Act (635)

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An act to provide government subsidies to private business willing to invest in innovative technologies.

PASSED 5 December 2021, Aye 13, Nay 2, Abstain 0
AMENDED by the Labor Reform Resolution, 645.
AMENDED by the Commerce and Labour Expenditures Act, 654.

Article 1 - Technology and Innovation Grants

1.1 - Creates the Kodiak Innovation and Scientific Research Agency [KISRA].
1.2 - Authorises the KISRA Bureau of Private Innovation to review and identify projects which may, by its own standards, prove promising for the advancement of science and technology currently under development by private or non-governmental enterprise.
1.3 - Allocates for this purpose a ₣100,000,000 per quarter.

Proposed by Vikstein, MGA."

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