Labor Reform Resolution, 645

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A resolution to better the working conditions of the Republic's citizens and offer opportunities for economic recovery.

Passed 05 December 2022 with 17 Aye, 2 Nay, 5 Abstain.

Be it resolved

IDENTIFYING the draconian nature of our current labor laws;

RECOGNISING the backward state of the micro-economy;

HEREBY alters Title 5 of the Kodiak Law Code to:

  • Amend The Labor Act
  • Amend The Business Competition Act
  • Amend The Technology and Innovation Grants Act (635)

Amendment to The Labor Act

[Amend] Article 1 - The Work Week

[Amend]1.1 - Defines the Work Week as 40 hours.
[Amend]1.2 - Employees working above 40hrs/week shall be entitled to 150% pay for every additional full hour worked.
[Amend]1.3 - Establishes a right to Industrial Protest.

[Add] Article 2 - National Holiday Day

2.1 - Establishes 1 May of each calander year as a Federally recognized holiday in recognition of laborers.

Author: Reifyrm Visdvk, MGA, Independent

Amendment to The Business Competition Act

[Add] Article 2 - Entrepreneurial Aide Agency

2.1 - Creates the Better Business Council [BBC]
2.1.1 - Authorizes Government loans for business under an income threshold of 700,000 florins annual income.
2.1.2 - Authorizes Government loans for start up businesses with less than 70,000 florins of starting capital.
2.1.3 - Enacts Small Bussiness Grants
2.2 - Funds ₣43,000,000 quarterly to the Ministry of Commerce for the administration of the BBC
2.3 - Funds ₣782,000,000 quarterly to the Better Business Council for government grants.

Author: Oskar Luchens, MGA, NUP

Amendment to The Technology and Innovation Grant Act (635)

[Amend]Article 1 - KISRA

[Amend]1.1 - Creates the Kodiak Innovation and Scientific Research Agency [KISRA].
[Amend]1.2 - Authorizes the KISRA Bureau of Private Innovation to review and identify projects which may, by its own standards, prove promising for the advancement of science and technology currently under development by private or non-governmental enterprise.
[Amend]1.3 - Funds for this purpose a ₣400,000,000 per quarter.

Author: Oskar Luchens, MGA, NUP

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