Standing Rules and Procedures of the General Assembly

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Standing Rules and Procedures of the General Assembly

The rules and procedures of the General Assembly are hereby declared in this document and shall be upheld by all General Assembly members. The President of the General Assembly will moderate and enforce these rules and procedures as appropriate.

Article I – Conduct

1.1 General Assembly members are to conduct themselves with civility for all activities present in the General Assembly chambers.

1.2 General Assembly members will adhere to the Code of Conduct Act.

1.3 The President may deliver warnings for breaches of conduct and may also recommend admin action.

1.4 Members of the General Assembly cannot be barred from the General Assembly chambers and discussions for a period longer than 48 hours. Unless they are subject to other breaches of law that also results in their exclusion from the General Assembly.

Article II – Discussions and Proposals

2.1 All members of the General Assembly may bring up topics to discuss in the lobby of the assembly.

2.1.1 Discussion in the lobby shall be limited to issues in the Kodiak Republic.

2.2 Discussions involving the President of the General Assembly may be put in the #ga-president channel of the discord.

2.2.1 This can include ideas for new resolutions, resolutions to present to the General Assembly, or issues needing the president's attention.

2.3 All members of the General Assembly may request a role in order create and present ongoing affairs of the Kodiak Republic in the news channel of the discord.

2.4 All members of the General Assembly may openly discuss resolutions that are presented by the President of the General Assembly.

2.4.1 Presented resolutions will be in the form of a new discord channel.
2.4.2 Members are encouraged to contribute to discussions for legislation and policy in the proposed threads to ensure their concerns are considered.

2.5 Discussions that are not relevant to the General Assembly may be moved to a different location in the Kodiak Republic discord, or deleted if required.

2.6 The President has the discretionary power to moderate discussions and proposals as appropriate, as well as conduct organizational and clerical duties where required.

2.7 Discussions deemed inappropriate by the administrators will be removed from the General Assembly at their discretion.

Article III – Proposal Procedure

The purpose of this article is to serve as a reference for future Presidents of the General Assembly.

3.1 All members may create their resolutions and present them to the President of the General Assembly.

3.1.1 Resolutions presented will have a wiki page created and put onto the Proposed Laws section of the wiki.
3.1.2 Titles of resolutions on the Kodiak wiki must look as such: Title, (Kodiak Year)

3.2 The President of the General Assembly will create a new forum thread in the #proposals forum on the Discord to present resolutions.

3.2.1 The President will set a date for voting to proceed, and will allow for a motion to change the voting date if necessary.
3.2.2 The President must ensure all items under discussion for the proposal are heard and allowed adequate time for consideration. Motions to vote require at least one member to second before the date can be changed.
3.2.3 It is at the discretion of the President on how many proposals are on the floor for discussion at one time.

3.3 If amendments are suggested to proposals during discussions, the President may call for members to second these amendments. If there are at least two seconds, excluding the member that proposed the amendment, then the amendment is considered accepted.

3.3.1 Amendments can be retracted or rejected should there be an objection with at least two members that second the objection.

3.4 Proposals must be discussed in the General Assembly for at least 72 hours. The President may make a motion to move the proposal to a vote after this period at their discretion.

3.4.1 The motion requires at least one member to second.
3.4.2 If no motion is made, the voting date set by the President will automatically propose for voting to proceed.

3.5 Once the voting proceeds, all new discussion on the resolution must come to a stop.

3.6 After the vote the President will archive all discussion on the discord channel and will delete the channel after a minimum of 24 hours.

3.6.1 Archived material will go on the talk section of the wiki page associated with the proposed resolution.

3.7 If the resolution has passed then the wiki page associated with the resolution will go into the Kodiak Law Code and be removed from the Proposed Law section of the wiki.

3.7.1 If the resolution has failed to pass then it will be moved to the Legislative Archive under Rejected.
3.7.2 In the circumstance that no vote was held for a resolution and it has remained without discussion for over 72 hours, then the resolution may be moved to the Legislative Archive under Shelved Legislation. Alternatively, at the discretion of the President the resolution may be moved to the Proposed Laws, Policy Discussion section of the wiki.

3.8 Treaties with other regions outside of Kodiak must be put up for discussion within 24 hours.

3.8.1 Voting on treaties must take place within one week of discussion.

Article IV – Voting on Proposals

4.1 When a proposal has successfully been motioned to a vote, the President shall create a poll in the resolutions channel, ensuring the proposal itself is linked to or otherwise available for perusal during voting.

4.2 Polls shall ask if the members of the assembly approve of the proposed legislation: [title]. There will be three options available: 1) Aye, 2) Nay, and 3) Abstain.

4.3 Votes must be open for 72 hours and will be considered passed if there is a simple majority for the ‘Ayes’ against the ‘Nays’.

4.4 Proposals that do not pass will be considered defeated, however may be reintroduced by a member of the General Assembly.

4.5 All polls must be anonymous, preventing any undue influence on each vote.

Contributors - Amber Silmeria Delacroix-Grey (Author), Ulrykk von Guelderlaand (Rykkland), Tobias Virsturm (Vikstein)

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