Prison Reform Act (652)

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Prison Reform Act (652)

Recognising that Kodiak’s prison system has been sorely neglected and is in a minimally functioning state, this act seeks to improve the nation's prisons to an appropriate condition for Kodiak’s citizenry.

PASSED on 11 April 2023, with 15 Aye's, 3 Nay's and 1 abstention.

Article 1 - Mission

1.1 - The purpose of the Republic of Kodiak’s prison system shall be to rehabilitate inmates.

Article 2 – Staffing

2.1 – Prisons shall maintain a guard-to-prisoner ratio of 1 guard per 20 prisoners for minimal to normal security levels, with a guard-to-prisoner ratio of 1 guard to 10 prisoners for higher security classifications.

Article 3 – Prisoner Cell Occupancy & Quality

3.1 - Prisoners shall be quartered with 4 prisoners per cell.
3.2 - Cells shall be outfitted with bunks & hygiene facilities.
3.3 - Cells will be no smaller than 15 meters squared.

Article 4 – Prisoner Rights

4.1 - Prisoners shall be entitled to 4 hours of free time per day, not including meal times.
4.2 - Prisoners will be entitled to 3 meals per day which conform to national nutritional standards.
4.3 - Prisoners shall be entitled to general health and urgent care.

Article 5 – Prisoner Rehabilitation & Labour Programs

5.1 - The Kodiak Prison System shall provide Rehabilitation Programs to its inmates.
5.1.1 - Inmates will be entitled to therapy and counseling, anger management courses, career workshops, and secondary education classes.
5.2 - The Kodiak Prisons System will offer Employment Training and opportunity programs to its inmates, the purpose of which is to provide on- the-job education and experience to incarcerated Kodiakers.
5.2.1 - The program will be available to all inmates who have not been convicted of violent crimes or felonies. If a prison warden or other administrator deems it necessary to deny these programs to an individual or multiple prisoners due to perceived flight risk or unruly or violent behavior, they may submit a request detailing why the prisoner(s) should be barred from participation.
5.2.2 - The government may award employment contracts to corporations, allowing said companies to select a desired amount of inmates to participate in a Vocational/Technical Training Program. Inmates shall receive training and experience via company programs and on-the-job experience. Inmates may work a maximum of eight hours per day, being paid at 3 quarters of the standard rate they would receive if free, but may not fall below the minimum wage.
5.2.3 - Inmates participating in the said program shall be required to wear ankle monitors at all times while off prison grounds, with a ratio of 1 Correction Officer to 2 inmates to be maintained.

Article 6 – Funding

6.1 - The maintenance and operations of the nation's prisons will be funded from the budget of the Ministry of Justice, Law & Order.
6.1.1 - Funding for maintaining the country’s prisons shall be set at ₣300 million per quarter.
6.2 - The Rehabilitation and Labour programs shall be funded by the Ministry of Education.
6.2.1 - Program funding will be set at ₣330 million per quarter.

Article 7 – Repeal of the Existing Prisons Act

7.1 - Repeals The Prisons Act (644).

Authored by John Edwards and Luik Oule, MGA, KWP, and Amun Pandor, MGA, FED.

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