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Section 1 Children and Dependent Fund

1.1.1 - “Child(ren)” - resident(s) under the age of eighteen (18) years, under the care of a parent or legal guardian (thus not including wards of the Republic).[1]
1.1.2 - “Dependent(s)” - resident(s) older than the age of eighteen (18) years and younger than twenty five (25) years of age, that are reliant on the income of another adult resident that they are cohabiting with, due to but not limited to underemployment, disability, and/or legal incapacitation.[2]
1.1.3 - “Family/families” - cohabiting residents, including at least one child and/or dependent [3]
1.2 - Qualification for Assistance
1.2.1 - Any family with at least one child or dependent is eligible to receive monthly financial assistance from the payment.[4]
1.2.2 - Provincial branch offices will take into account each family’s general financial situation in assessing how much financial assistance said family will receive from the Fund.[5] - Families with a combined income of less than or equal to ₣30,000 shall be eligible for ₣2000 per month, per child or dependent.[6] - Families with a combined income of between ₣30,001 and ₣60,000 (inclusive) shall be eligible for ₣1000 per month, per child or dependent.[7] - Families with a combined income of between ₣60,001 and ₣120,000 (inclusive) shall be eligible for ₣500 per month, per child or dependent.[8]
1.2.3 - Families that qualify under 1.2.1 are eligible to continue receiving assistance from the Fund so long as they have child(ren), or so long as they have dependent(s) whose continued reliance on the family’s income is justified by the family and/or dependent(s)’ circumstances.[9]
1.2.4 - Families will be required to submit quarterly declarations of income and employment details to the Ministry of Social Services via a branch office, headquarters in Patal, or via authorised online channels, as per instructions and requirements laid out and administered by the Ministry of Social Services.[10]

Section 2 Public Housing

2.1 - Access assessment for housing provisioned through the DoHA shall only be permitted if:[11]
2.1.1 - An individual is a natural born Kodiak Citizen, OR;[12]
2.1.2 - An individual has been a naturalised Kodiak Citizen and resided within Kodiak for a total of at least three (3) of the previous five (5) years, OR;[13]
2.1.3 - A married couple (and their dependants, if said dependants are under the age of 25) which contains at least one person who qualifies under 2.1.1 or 2.1.2, OR;[14]
2.1.4 - A non-Kodiaker single parent if at least one of their dependant(s) (if said dependents are under the age of 25) qualifies under 2.1.1 or 2.1.2.[15]
2.2 - Assessment shall be determined on a case-by-case basis, with particular priority on:[16]
2.2.1 - Single-parent families earning under 15% of the national individual full-time average income (NIFTAI), THEN;[17]
2.2.2 - Families with any child under 10 earning under 30% of the NIFTAI, THEN;[18]
2.2.3 - Families with any dependant under 25 earning under 25% of the NIFTAI, THEN;[19]
2.2.4 - Individuals or couples incapable of earning an income due to health or disability, THEN;[20]
2.2.5 - Individuals or couples earning less than 30% of the NIFTAI, THEN;[21]
2.2.6 - Individuals, couples, or families earning less than 50% of the NIFTAI, THEN;[22]
2.2.7 - Individuals, couples, or families earning less than 100% of the NIFTAI, THEN;[23]
2.2.8 - Any other possible candidate under section 2.1.[24]
2.3 - Payment shall be free or subsidised such that each month:
2.3.1 - Units (family, couple, or individual) assessed under sections 2.2.1 through 2.2.4 shall be placed into housing for a nominal fee of no more than ₣50 as assessed by the DoHA.[25]
2.3.2 - Units (family, couple, or individual) assessed under sections 2.2.5 through 2.2.7 shall be placed into housing for a sliding fee not to exceed 25% of unit income as reported on a quarterly basis divided by 3.[26]
2.3.3 - Units (family, couple, or individual) assessed under section 2.2.8 shall be placed into into housing for a flat rate of whichever is lower of either:[27] - The average price of a private domicile of similar description and location, OR;[28] - 35% of the combined taxable income of the unit from the prior year divided by 12.[29]
2.4 - A Unit (family, couple or individual) provisioned with a domicile from the DoHA will be permitted continued residence at a fee assessed according to section 2.3 until such time the combined income of the unit is greater than the following formula [(NIFTAI TIMES number of resident adults over 25 TIMES 80%) MINUS (number of dependents under 25 TIMES NIFTAI TIMES 10%)] for a period of at least two financial years within the last three, at which time if a new applicant would be available from a higher priority as assessed under section 2.2. At that time the unit will be given a minimum four month tenancy termination notice.[30]

Section 3 State Pension Program

3.1 - Definitions
3.1.1 - The Age of Retirement is 68 years.[31]
3.2 - All Kodiak Citizens eligible for Social Security payments are entitled to a maximum of ₣1,500 monthly to be determined by the average of the last five years of income tax paid while the citizen was employed.[32]

Section 4 Unemployment

4.1 - Unemployed Kodiakers are eligible for unemployment payments of up to ₣400 biweekly for 18 months[33]
4.2 - Unemployed Kodiakers that are claimed as a dependant do not qualify[34]
4.3 - Citizens must provide proof of attempts to gain employment to continue receiving welfare subsidies.[35]
4.3.1 - Proof will be verified each pay period through the Ministry of Social Services’ Fraud Investigation Department.[36]

Section 5 Disability Support

5.1 - Definitions and Eligibility
5.1.1 - Non-medical rules cover the following: - The applicant is over the age of 16.[37] - The applicant is not currently a dependent supported by another payment of reasonably equivalent value as determined by the Ministry of Social Services.[38] - The applicant is a citizen of The Kodiak Republic, or a permanent resident.[39] - The applicant does not currently earn more than ₣40,000 annually.[40]
5.1.2 - Medical rules require the following: - The applicant has proof of disability that either prevents the applicant from obtaining full-time work, or prevents the applicant from gaining any employment.[41] - Proof is provided by a registered medical practitioner.[42]
5.1.3 - If the applicant is incapable of reasonably understanding requirements or making decisions, then a nominated Carer may apply on behalf of the applicant.[43]
5.1.4 - The carer must provide proof that they are able to act on behalf of the applicant, as directed by the Ministry of Social Services.[44]
5.1.5 - Applicants are required to provide an annual Medicial Exam to the Ministry of Social Services regarding their current health and working conditions, unless a waiver is granted for a longer time period.[45]


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