The Children and Dependents Payment Act (630)

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An Act to provide financial support to families with children or other legal dependents.

PASSED 27 September 2021, 8 Aye, 0 Nay, 1 Abstain
AMENDED 21 December 2022 by the Amendment to the Children and Dependents Act, 645
AMENDED 16 August 2023 by the Social Services Expenditures Act, 654.

Article I - Definitions

1.1 - “Child(ren)” - resident(s) under the age of eighteen (18) years, under the care of a parent or legal guardian (thus not including wards of the Republic).
1.2 - “Dependent(s)” - resident(s) older than the age of eighteen (18) years and younger than twenty five (25) years of age, that are reliant on the income of another adult resident that they are cohabiting with, due to but not limited to underemployment, disability, and/or legal incapacitation.
1.3 - “Family/families” - cohabiting residents, including at least one child and/or dependent.

Article II - Purpose and funding

2.1 - Establishes the Children and Dependents Fund, for the purpose of supporting families with child(ren) and/or dependent(s), with a particular view to supporting low-income families.
2.2 - Establishes the headquarters of the Ministry of Social Services in Rykkburgh, with fund administration headquartered in Patal. Additionally establishes Social Services branch offices in each province.
2.3 - The Fund shall be financed with ₣1,500,000,000 quarterly.
2.4 - The Fund shall be managed, from Patal, by a Chief Executive Officer, to be appointed by the Chancellor on behalf of, and with the approval of, the General Assembly.
2.5 - Branch offices are responsible for recruitment, operations, and execution of Social Services. Project funding, operational costs, and distribution of funds are to be administered in Patal with oversight from the Ministry of Social Services.

Article III - Qualification for assistance

3.1 - Any family with at least one child or dependent is eligible to receive monthly financial assistance from the payment.
3.2 - Provincial branch offices will take into account each family’s general financial situation in assessing how much financial assistance said family will receive from the Fund.
3.2.1 - Families with a combined income of less than or equal to ₣30,000 shall be eligible for ₣2000 per month, per child or dependent.
3.2.2 - Families with a combined income of between ₣30,001 and ₣60,000 (inclusive) shall be eligible for ₣1000 per month, per child or dependent.
3.2.3 - Families with a combined income of between ₣60,001 and ₣120,000 (inclusive) shall be eligible for ₣500 per month, per child or dependent.
3.3 - Families that qualify under 3.1 are eligible to continue receiving assistance from the Fund so long as they have child(ren), or so long as they have dependent(s) whose continued reliance on the family’s income is justified by the family and/or dependent(s)’ circumstances.
3.4 - Families will be required to submit quarterly declarations of income and employment details to the Ministry of Social Services via a branch office, headquarters in Patal, or via authorised online channels, as per instructions and requirements laid out and administered by the Ministry of Social Services.
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