The Business Competition Act (Inter)

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An act to regulate the market strength of large corporations.
Enacted during the Great Interregnum.
Amended by the Labor Reform Resolution, 645.

Article 1 - Competition Law

1.1 - Monopolies may not be established within the Kodiak Republic
1.2 - An arbitration court shall be established to mediate between business interests.
1.3 - The Business Arbitration Court shall be quarterly funded with ₣7,950,000.

Article 2 - Entrepreneurial Aide Agency

2.1 - Creates the Better Business Council [BBC]
2.1.1 - Authorizes Government loans for medium businesses, with a threshold of 5,000,000 florins annual income in the last financial year.
2.1.2 - Authorizes Government loans for small businesses, with a threshold of 1,000,000 florins annual income in the last financial year.
2.1.3 - Authorizes Government loans for start-up or micro businesses with less than 100,000 florins of starting capital.
2.2 - Funds ₣43,000,000 quarterly to the Ministry of Commerce for the administration of the BBC
2.3 - Funds ₣782,000,000 quarterly to the Better Business Council for government grants.
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