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Repeal of the Treaty of Demkodia Patrick Barber OP

— 01/18/2023 7:42 AM

@Assembly Member Tabled by President Patrick Barber, MGA, KWP as Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Valerian Democratic Republic. Repeal of the Treaty of Demkodia A resolution to withdraw the Kodiak Republic from the Treaty of Demkodia. Proposed by Chancellor John Edwards, MGA, KWP. Voting is presently set for 31 Jan 2023 Patrick Barber


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— 01/18/2023 7:42 AM

Pandor X — 01/18/2023 7:42 AM Is this open for debate ? Patrick Barber OP

— 01/18/2023 7:44 AM

As presented by the @Chancellor

Assembly Members, I know recent domestic events appear to eclipse all others but the world carries on around us while we suffer our crises. As a result, another situation has been in progress for a short while regarding a government with which we have a treaty, The Democratic Republic.

Recently, the representative of Alcris in the Aegis Union (an organisation of which TDR was a founding member) banned a number of TDR's citizens without proper procedural process. The claimed reason was as a defence of the TDR founder and root admin from "bullying". Our ambassador to the AU (@Patrick Barber) considers this explanation spurious at best. A number of the first bans were to individuals lawfully involved in developing a political party in opposition to the Alcresian Representative. Much of the evidence and protests were subsequently deleted from the Union's records to "clean up toxicity".

The TDR founder has, within the AU, since declared himself a member and representative of Alcris and been elected Chief Executive of that Union. The Union continued to ban members of TDR and 'unanimously' removed TDR from that Union. The Founder of TDR believes that his support for this organisation is not a conflict of interest.

The Kodiak Government is of the opinion that this is in fact a conflict of interest and refusal to acknowledge that conflict of interest is a breach of our treaty with TDR - in particular the section which obligates us to uphold each others democratic principles. That is not possible while dissenting voices are silenced and the founder acts on both sides of hostile relationship. After 6-party talks, the Kodiak Government informed the TDR government of our intent to withdraw from the treaty, but that we would continue to maintain a positive diplomatic relationship and be willing to help them in the event they can resolve this issue. The TDR government (founder excluded) has been publicly appreciative of our efforts and continued relationship.

Unfortunately our ambassador to the Aegis Union was forcefully and unceremoniously removed and we are yet to receive justification. Our government has lodged an official protest but it so far has been ignored.

Thusly, in accordance with the executive's decision, I bring a request for vote on the withdrawal of The Treaty of Demkodia Viewable here:

This repeal is for the most part a formality as the executive has already provided formal notice to the Government of the Democratic Republic. But Yes, Questions and Debate is open for this resolution The @Chancellor @John Edwards [KWP] was present in the 6-party talks with TDR, as was myself @Patrick Barber as Ambassador, and @Charlotte Groves (Juliette) as Deputy Chancellor. Pandor X — 01/18/2023 7:54 AM I strongly advise every person here to support this. I myself was a long time member of TDR it was the first region I ever joined, and the way it is now is despicable, I was banned without explanation from both the Aegis Union and TDR, America JB has for the most part turned his back on TDR as it’s founder, he claims Alcris a Region that has made offense against his own region mates on multiple occasions, he’s allowed the populace to be disrespected and dishonored in more ways then one’s all for his personal feelings and takes no accountability for his actions, America JBs actions within TDR with the siding of TDR could be considered Treason, I consider myself a refugee from TDR it was once a place of greatness but all because I dared to speak against the wrongdoings of the mods I was Kicked and banned by the hands of Cutroajan and JB, Trev tried to do the right thing but he was told off about it in the end, I feel that this is a step in the right direction to separate from the Demkodia treaty. Patrick Barber OP

— 01/18/2023 7:55 AM

Yes it is actually probably of note that the Head of Government we entreated with during the talks, Trev, has also since resigned. Charlotte Groves (Juliette) — 01/18/2023 8:03 AM This is the exact behavior we observed also. The floor is open to the GA to ask questions. Thank you Pandor for telling us your experience, please feel free to elaborate if enquired! Klaus Mikaelson — 01/18/2023 8:04 AM Yes sir! Pandor X — 01/18/2023 8:06 AM I will happily Elaborate if asked. I want to see the right thing done. John Edwards [KWP] — 01/18/2023 10:11 AM Whilst we want to forge ties with similar communities and it is a shame to be forced to dissolve a treaty, we felt it was the best response under the circumstances. Events following our statement of intent to TDR have only reinforced that it was the right decision. Members may remember we were approached to join the Aegis Union several months ago. We turned them down as the Chancellor of the AU wielded too much power over member states. This event has demonstrated exactly why that is a dangerous scenario and that we were correct to decline. Erich Crysler -- Alsozar [UKN] — 01/18/2023 11:05 AM In light of recent events and the testimony given by Pandor X, it is apparent the only logical option is to sever our ties with the TDR. Damian Giordanno (KWP) — 01/18/2023 12:13 PM Most of the cabinet has, including myself. We're just done with the drama that goes wherever TDR goes. Jonn Stevens (DPPK) — 01/18/2023 12:39 PM Yeah. Given the current state of TDR to my knowledge it’s honestly a for gone conclusion we should repeal this Patrick Barber OP

— 01/19/2023 8:04 AM

Did anyone want to make any other comments? Otherwise I feel the vote should happen in 24 hours. Charlotte Groves (Juliette) — 01/19/2023 8:25 AM Agreed, but do speak up if any questions. Klaus Mikaelson — 01/19/2023 10:13 AM I think this is unfortunately the next step for us Aaron Tonnesen - New Asden — 01/19/2023 12:37 PM I approved the treaty during my chancellorship, and, I believe that it is in the best interest of the Kodiak Republic to repeal and withdraw from the treaty. TKR should not support non democratic practices and unlawful bans, alongside childish behavior from senior officials in other regions. If the actions of other regions go against our own integrity and values, then it should not be advised to maintain said relationship, in which case, appears as if it will not. Patrick Barber OP

— 01/20/2023 12:41 AM

I will provide approx 4 more hours for open comment before I begin the vote. EasyPoll BOT

— 01/20/2023 9:02 AM

Question Do you approve of the repeal of the Treaty of Demkodia?

Choices 🇦 Aye 🇧 Nay 🇨 Abstain

Final Result 🇦 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ [17 • 85%] 🇧 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [1 • 5%] 🇨 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 10%] 20 users voted


alarm_clock: Poll already ended (4 days ago)
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one: allowed choice
lock: No other votes allowed

Allowed roles: @Assembly Member Poll ID: a2f4f12e Patrick Barber OP

— 01/20/2023 9:03 AM

@Assembly Member The poll has been called. Debate is suspended. The vote shall remain active for 72 hours. The proposal is linked in the pinned post. Please vote within that time. Thank you Patrick Barber OP

— 01/22/2023 2:17 AM

Debate remains suspended but the individual in the centre of our concerns has volunteered his opinion on the matter and I post it here for the record. America JB — Today at 14:05 Been two weeks now since I became AU Chancellor It hasn't effected my job as TDR founder one bit Who would have expected, oh wait, I did. Probably because I have self control over my own actions. @Sen. Cutroajan (N) But apparently TKR likes to think they are God and the authors of what is possible and not Acting like my character is so predictable that it can fit in an imaginary logical box they constructed Funny thing is, some people know nothing about me. Doesn't know my life so it seems odd they are able to make a confident decision on my character Image Patrick Barber OP

— 01/22/2023 11:12 PM

@Assembly Member 10 hours remain on this vote. Please be sure to participate before the time runs out. Patrick Barber OP

— 01/23/2023 10:11 PM

The measure has been passed. The treaty is repealed 17 Aye, 1 Nay, 2 Abstain This thread shall be archived in 24 hours

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