Treaty of Demkodia

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"Treaty of Demkodia"

Introduced by OOC Patrick Barber
PASS on 30 March 2022 with 15 Aye, 0 Nay, 2 Abstain

CONSIDERING the mutual will of our regions to improve their relationship,

RECOGNIZING the compatibility between our regions that are bound through community and visions about the rule of law,

NOTICING the importance for our regions to strengthen their ties,

UNDERSTANDING the relevance of the implementation of such treaty for both parties,

BY VIRTUE of the formal desire of mutual leaders to strengthen the ties between The Kodiak Republic and The Democratic Republic,

HEREBY introduces the Democratic Republic - The Kodiak Republic Treaty of Friendship also known as the “Treaty of Demkodia”.

Chapter I - Alliance

Article 1

The two regions vow to defend one another militarily and diplomatically. They agree to maintain each other's sovereignty and to never violate the integrity of the other. The two mutually recognize the other's sovereignty.

Article 2

Both regions vow to act in the interest of preserving their mutual sovereignty. No region can prevent the other from joining neither an interregional military organization nor a World Assembly voting bloc. None of the two regions shall involve the other in a conflict without their consent.

Chapter II - Cooperation

Article 1

The two regions agree to cooperate on the matter of intelligence. They will keep each other informed of any blacklisted members, members of interest, or any other matters which both regions consider of mutual relevance. The regions agree to take joint measures to strengthen their security if needed.

Article 2

The two regions agree to carry out joint actions in case of mutually-recognised need, these actions may take any form, as long as they act in the interests of both regions. Joint actions may take any shape provided there is a proven explicit agreement from both Regional Governments.

Article 3

The two regions agree to allow, after mutual agreement and compliance with proper proceedings, the implementation and enforcement of various initiatives within any domain of interest.

Article 4

The two regions allow their citizens to take part in their respective RPs. The two regional RPs are able to cooperate together. The two regional RP Directors shall decide their cooperation independently of the two Governments.

Article 5

The two regions vow to facilitate cross-community interaction via agreed-upon cultural events, which members of both regions shall be permitted to participate in.

Article 6

The two regions agree to actively support and defend all principles emanating from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination of 1969.

Article 7

Both regions consent to convene a diplomatic summit under the request of one of the parties. In said summit, the respective foreign affairs heads, heads of government, and heads of state, along with any other parties deemed relevant by either region, shall discuss future initiatives through which The Democratic Republic and Kodiak Republic's relationship may be strengthened.

Article 8

Both regions consent to actively promote the principle of a democratic regime with total opposition to all forms of authoritarianism.

Chapter III - Implementation

Article 1

This Treaty shall be ratified once it has passed through the respective procedures of both regions, whereafter the regions will commit to respect its contents.

Article 2

This Treaty shall be ratified once it has passed through the respective procedures of both regions, whereafter the regions will commit to respect its contents.

Chapter IV - Diplomacy

Article 1

The World Assembly Delegates of respective regions may cooperate on co-writing Resolutions for the Security Council or the Assembly of the World Assembly. The two regions may cooperate on the World Assembly Policy. The respective ministries in charge of foreign affairs and respective World Assembly Delegates may propose to the respective heads of Government the possibility of enacting a common World Assembly stance.

Article 2

Both regions agree to collaborate in the realm of foreign affairs. This Treaty encourages the continuation of such actions.

Article 3

Both regions agree to enforce the free and facilitated movement of the inhabitants of the respective parties.


The Democratic Republic


The Democratic Republic

Porto Verde

The Democratic Republic

The Kodiak Republic

Wesley Karlsson

Executive Chancellor
Republic of Kodiak

Tobias Virsturm

Assembly President
Republic of Kodiak

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