Repeal of the Treaty of Demkodia

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A resolution to withdraw the Kodiak Republic from the Treaty of Demkodia
Passed on 23 January 2023 with 17 Aye, 1 Nay, and 2 Abstain.

Be it resolved

by the General Assembly of the Serene Republic of Kodiak;

RECOGNIZING that The Kodiak Republic and the Democratic Republic of Valeria have enjoyed a peaceful and beneficial relationship for the last 10 years since the Treaty of Demkodia was introduced;

CONCERNED by the actions of the nation of Alcris, a former ally of the Valerian Democratic Republic, forcibly removing Valerian citizens from the international organisation known as the Aegis Union;

TROUBLED that the central administrator of the Democratic Republic has declared himself the representative of Alcris within the Aegis Union;

NOTING that the central administrator has now been selected as the Chief Executive of the Aegis Union as a citizen of Alcris;

DISTURBED that Valeria has been unanimously removed from the Aegis Union under his authority and execution;

FURTHER NOTING that the duly declared Ambassador Plenipotentiary from Kodiak to the Aegis Union has been forcibly removed from the Aegis Union without legal cause nor justification, and that despite an official protest from the Kodiaker Government, no effort to respond has yet been made;

CONSIDERING that the actions of the Aegis Union and the Central Administrator of the Democratic Republic violate Article 8 of the Treaty of Demokodia, which calls for democratic regimes and oppositions to authoritarian leadership structures;

ACCEPTING that the central administrator continues to refuse to acknowledge the conflict of interest in his loyalty to Alcris;

BELIEVING that the stability of the democratic systems of Valeria remain at risk so long as the central administrator vows loyalty to a hostile power;

we do HEREBY,

DISSOLVE the Treaty of Demkodia with immediate effect.

Proposed by President Patrick Barber, MGA, KWP.
Sponsored by Chancellor John Edwards, MGA, KWP.

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