Resolution on the National Kodiak Police Budget

From The Kodiak Republic Wiki

A resolution to amend the National Kodiak Police Act (Inter).

Passed 5 Dec 2021, Aye 12, Nay 3, Abstain 0

IDENTIFYING for the purposes of this resolution "The National Kodiak Police Act (Inter)",

RECOGNISING the number of civil emergencies faching our nation,

LAMENTING the lack of progress currently on defeating organised criminal elements,

CONDEMNING the continued violence in our cities and regions,

INSISTING an increase of funding will aide in the solution of these concerns,

SELECTING for amendment Article 1, section 3, "The NKP shall be quarterly funded with ₣750,000,000."

HEREBY AMENDS the section to "The NKP shall be quarterly funded with ₣1,000,000,000."

Proposed by TGOAT, MGA.

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