The National Kodiak Police Act (Inter)

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The National Kodiak Police Act (Inter)

An act to stablish a police presence for the order and protection of our citizens.

Enacted during the Great Interregnum

Article 1 - Establishment of the National Kodiak Police

1.1 - A central bureau of the National Kodiak Police (NKP) shall be established in the capital of Rykkburgh.
1.2 - Further central branches of the NKP shall be located in the regional seats of each National Constituency.
1.3 - The NKP shall be quarterly funded with ₣1,000,000,000.
1.4 - The NKP Academy at Rykkburgh will increase the curriculem from 14 weeks to 16 weeks of training for canidates to focus on deescalation of force training and civil outreach operations.
1.4.1 - A rotational demographics module will be implemented with a focus on cadet shadowing of patrol officers within the levels of social-economic brackets and crime levels.
1.5 - To increase the NKP's ability to enact the The Controlled Substances Act, an independent Task Force shall be created and subordinated to the NKP Commissioner.
1.5.1 - This Task Force, Police Task Force 11 shall be headquartered in Rykkburgh with subborinated departments in each National Constituency.
1.5.2 - For purposes of enacting The Controlled Substances Act, Police Task Force 11 shall be granted a quarterly budget of ₣50M.
1.6 - For purposes of protecting the integrity of the justice system of the Republic, a system of Witness Protection shall be implemented by the NKP.
1.6.1 - Quarterly the Republican government will allocate ₣110M to the NKP for purposes to fund, allocate resources and personnel for the protection of key witnesses for the judicial process.
1.7 - To expand the authority of the government and better mediate the crisis of the local towns and smaller cities. The Constituent States will be authorized to establish local police departments and granted a quaterly subsidized grant of ₣500M for the equipping and establishment of such a force.
1.8 - The National Kodiak Police is entrusted under the command the Police Commissioner
1.8.1 - The Police Commissioner is appointed by the Ministry of Law and Order until such a time replaced or retired from service.
1.8.2 - The Commissioner shall oversee the enforcement of all police regulations and administrations
1.8.3 - The Commissioner shall hold regular, public meetings to discuss community concerns and policy issues related to law enforcement.

Article 2 - The Kodiak Intelligence Agency

2.1 - A central Kodiak Intelligence Agency (KIA) shall be established in the capital if Rykkburgh.
2.2 - The KIA shall exist to monitor, disrupt, and investigate syndicates of organised crime, internal and external terrorist threats, and incidents of foreign interference.
2.3 - The KIA shall as well to establish reliable intelligence relationships with allied nations.
2.4 - The KIA shall be quarterly funded with ₣600,000,000.
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