Resolution on Technology and Innovation

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A resolution to amend the KISRA Act to include government subsidies to private business willing to invest in innovative technologies.

IDENTIFYING for the purposes of this resolution "The Kodiak Industrial and Science Research Agency (KISRA) Act (Inter)",

RECOGNISING the extant problems within the Republic with unemployment,

DESIRING to increase occupational opportunities for Kodiak residents with high levels of education and experience,

ENCOURAGING our citizens to pursue higher learning as a means of economic success,

NOTING the desire of our republic to begin rebuilding its technological output,

HEEREBY amends the KISRA Act to add the following article:

Article 2 - Technology and Innovation Grants

2.1 - Forms as a part of KISRA a Bureau of Private Innovation.
2.2 - Instructs the KISRA Bureau of Private Innovation to review and identify projects which may, by its own standards, prove promising for the advancement of science and technology currently under development by private or non-governmental enterprise.
2.3 - Allocates for this purpose a ₣300,000,000 per quarter.

Proposed by Vikstein, MGA."

Civil Service Note
The resolution had to undergo administrative rectification as Technological Grants are under the perview of the Commerce and Labour Ministry. Therefore, the amendment could not be enacted as requested, but instead creates its own standalone piece of legislation now known as the "Technology and Innovation Grants Act (635)". This creates no operational difference in the intent or effect of the resolution.

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