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Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 20/11/2021 TO BE DEBATED:

Proposed for debate to the General Assembly by @Tim/Vikstein, a resolution to amend the KISRA Act (Inter) [1] @Assembly Members are now free to comment. Grand Duchy of Lovendara — 20/11/2021 Comment Ulrykk von Guelderlaand


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— 20/11/2021

Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 20/11/2021 Please keep comments in the assembly on topic. Thank you. The Greatest of All Time — 21/11/2021 Sounds Reasonable and the top of the budget says that surplus is a problem. Will attract many jobs. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021 Info: I want to note that the function of this 2nd Article-amendment would be to use public funds to subsidise the development of private innovations. That would make the grants a form of 'charity', where the end result would be wholly owned and controlled by the organisation that developed it. While the first article of the KISRA act is funding for government institutions, including a public research organisation (the KISRA), meaning the nation as a whole would own the rights and patents to its innovations. Privately, I think that both are important at this point in time in our nation's history, as more money flowing into the economy is good, but I want to make it clear to the members that this is basically a handout to medium and big tech businesses. Tim/Vikstein — 21/11/2021 This is an important step to improving Kodiak, and will incite those businesses to employ more workers all while increasing our technological output! I hope to have the other assembly members support for this resolution The Greatest of All Time — 21/11/2021 I hope raising corporate tax would not shatter this plan Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 22/11/2021 I don't think it would, no. The Greatest of All Time — 23/11/2021 OK New Asden — 23/11/2021 Wouldn’t raising corporate tax hurt the economy? The Empire of Rheiland — 23/11/2021 Whose economy? The Democratic Republic of Karr — 23/11/2021 OUR Economy The Empire of Rheiland — 23/11/2021 Ok The Democratic Republic of Karr — 23/11/2021 Image Only kidding, lol The Empire of Rheiland — 23/11/2021 lol Taiping — 23/11/2021 I dig the handout to medium & big tech companies. Maybe some return on investment wouldn't hurt 😝 Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 23/11/2021 Rising corporate tax would 'hurt the economy' in the sense that the tax is only on profit, meaning the company proper will in fact have less money to spend on growth, new employees, or to advance dividends. The question remains: would a three percent rise in Corporate tax cost more to the general economy than what the 2 billion per annum increase in state revenue could fund. The Democratic Republic of Karr — 24/11/2021 I don't necessarily know if technology grants are a necessary expenditure at the present moment. We have more fundamental problems in the Republic, and while encouraging people towards higher education is important, I think its more important, at least for now, that we focus our spending on the more economically impoverished. Tim/Vikstein — 24/11/2021 I believe that these grants are in fact helping those individuals. Kodiak faces many issues, but one of the most pressing is the fact people are unemployed. I haven’t seen any suggestions to the unemployment issue besides the creation of more jobs, this is exactly what the grants are trying to do. Kodiak also faces a massive surplus of the budget, we should be allocating to fixing issues with our economy in order to help these people. Additionally, these grants supply businesses with new ways to innovate and allow for technological advancement. There is evidence that proves that unemployment will decrease in the long term with these advancements The Democratic Republic of Karr — 24/11/2021 This legislation particularly focuses on jobs for the highly educated, and while that isn't negligible, I still believe we could implement some sort of jobs program that would be more effective at job creation than this legislation. On the second point you bring up, I absolutely concede that technological advancement is important, but perhaps it isn't the most pressing of issues. In short, I don't disagree with the positive overall affect this legislation would have, I disagree with its implementation presently, as we have "bigger fish to fry", as it were. Tim/Vikstein — 24/11/2021 I can agree with that, but our direction should be, “what else” rather than, “something else.” I would be incredibly happy to hear an additional immediate proposal for the unemployment crisis we have. The purpose of this resolution was to promote the idea of getting Kodiak in the right direction. I by no means, believe it is a cure The Democratic Republic of Karr — 24/11/2021 The "what-else" is a good question, especially when we get to the specifics. Generally though, I think we could kill two birds with one stone here. What about some kind of jobs program that incentivises business to hire low-skill workers and train them? The Government could supplement a percentage of their wages, and businesses, although taking an initial financial loss educating the worker, would save over time through wage supplements. This way we also have more of the citizenry learning skills that will result in a fruitful career, rather than acquiring expensive degrees in areas that are predominantly theoretical, that leave them in debt, and virtually unemployable. I'd need to think more about the specifics, but something like this would be more effective at job creation, in my estimation. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 24/11/2021 We could offer to subsidise adult furthering education; a kind of left hand to business, right hand to workers option The Greatest of All Time — 25/11/2021 My opinion is very simple, If it effects the economy in a significantly large way well do it. If not then we wont Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 28/11/2021 I would like to take the moment to ask any @Assembly Members to please make their opinions heard. If there are no changes or objections, I will put this piece up for vote in two days. Visduc — 28/11/2021 I have no objections Grand Duchy of Lovendara — 29/11/2021 I agree frenkimaster99 — 29/11/2021 Me too The Greatest of All Time — 29/11/2021 Neutral on the matter. No objections. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 pm!activate techres Pollmaster BOT

— 01/12/2021

>> techres Poll Question Do you approve of the Resolution on Technology and Innovation? Roles Assembly Member Anonymous True Deadline Poll is closed. ​ Final Results of the Poll (Single Choice):

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Image React with ❔ to get info. It is not a vote option. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 @Assembly Members may now vote whether to approve this resolution regarding technology grants. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 you'll need to click the icon below the voting box or your vote will not be counted. If you are unsure if it has been counted, you can click the ? icon and it will tell you you need to use the vote box. please wait 10 seconds for your count to register with the server

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