Public Transportation

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Section 1 - Public Buses

Section 2 - School Buses

2.1 - DEFINITION - A school bus is defined as a bus fitting strict safety and quality standards that is used to transport students to and from school and to other such events. [1]
2.2 - School buses must be equipped with at least three emergency exits.[2]
2.3 - School buses must be able to transport at least 34 children and 24 adults.[3]
2.4 - School buses must be equipped with seat belts for every seat and at least two per seat.[4]
2.5 - School buses must be powered with a engine with the minimum fuel efficiency of an average diesel-electric engine or a more efficient alternative. [5]
2.6 - School buses will not exceed a maximum dimension 2.6 meters in width and 14 meters in length.[6]


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