National school bus act 650

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National School Bus Act 650

Passed 2 March 2023 by a vote of: Aye 15, Nay 1, Abstain 2

Article One - The National School Bus Department

1.1 - A national school bus department will be created under the Ministry of Transportation.
1.2 - This department will be quarterly funded with 3,000,000 florins which will be used for the overall running of the department.

Article Two - School Buses

2.1 - The department will only purchase school buses that fit national standards as outlined in 'The Better Bus Act'
2.2 - Additional national standards for school buses are as follows:
2.2.1 - A school bus is defined as a bus fitting strict safety and quality standards that is used to transport students to and from school and to other such events.
2.2.2 - School buses must be equipped with at least three emergency exits.
2.2.3 - School buses must be able to transport at least 34 children and 24 adults.
2.2.4 - All school buses must be equipped with seat belts for every seat and at least two per seat.

Article Three - Routes

3.1 - The ministry of transportation will work with the ministry of education to determine routes
3.2 - Routes will be overseen by regional governments
3.3 - These routes will take into account the safety of the children and the fastest way to get them to school
3.4 - These routes shall be reconsidered every year

Written by Jonn Stevens MGA (DPPK), Minister of Transportation

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