Leaders of the Seventh Republic

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Beginning in 627 AB, or July 2021, the seventh Republic of Kodiak represents the unicameral simple government formed after the great interregnum.

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Senior Leaders
Chancellor Assembly President Chief Justice
657 Magnus Ward (NUP) Jonn Stevens (DPPK) Eðward Staples
654 Jason Corey (NUP) Mivod Hlaja (NUP) Eðward Staples
651 Charlotte Groves (KWP) Klaus Mikaelson (KWP) Martang Etheltreow
648 John Edwards (KWP) Patrick Barber (KWP) Martang Etheltreow
645 Oskar Luchens (NUP) Patrick Barber (KWP) Martang Etheltreow
642 Patrick Barber (KWP) Tobias Virsturm (PPK) Martang Etheltreow
639 Wesley Karlsson (DLPK) Tobias Virsturm (PPK) Martang Etheltreow
636 Alexander Mondo Ulrykk von Gulderlaand Martang Etheltreow
633 Albrect von Battenburg-Grafton Ulrykk von Gulderlaand Martang Etheltreow
630 Ulrykk von Guelderlaand Amber Delacroix-Grey Martang Etheltreow
627 Unoccupied Ulrykk von Guelderlaand Unoccupied

Died in Office

Executive Ministers
Deputy Chancellor Law and Order Health and Education Treasury and Revenue Labour and Commerce Social Services Defence and Immigration Transportation
654 Jonn Stevens (DPPK) Jonn Stevens (DPPK) Louis von Hengstler (NUP) William E Jamison (Ind.) W Magnus Ward (NUP) Reifyrm Visdvk (Ind.) Tobias Virstürm (DPPK) Aaron Tonnesen (NUP)
651 Luik Oule (KWP) John Edwards (KWP) Tom Westbrook (Ind.) Erich Crysler (Ind.) Luik Oule (KWP) Caesar J Biggles (KWP) Tobias Virstürm (DPPK)) Jonn Stevens (DPPK)
648 Hester Sirocco-Loren (KWP) Símôn Kalimeno (NUP) Hester Sirocco-Loren (KWP) John Edwards (KWP) Reifyrm Visdvk (Ind.) Klaus Mikaelson (KWP) Aaron Barcka (KWP) Jonn Stevens (PPK)
645 Aaron Tonnesen (NUP) Alexander Mondo (NUP) Oskar Luchens (NUP) Reginald Karbunkle (NUP) Oskar Luchens (NUP) Hester Sirocco-Loren (KWP) Michael Valois (NUP) Aaron Tonnesen (NUP)
642 Oskar Luchens (NUP) Alexander Mondo (NUP) Jocelyn Jones (KWP) John Edwards (KWP) Patrick Barber (KWP) Simon Kalimeno (NUP) Oskar Luchens (NUP) Joe Clerkson (KWP)
639 Unoccupied Harry Newlston Napoleon Main Unoccupied Kaliver Oustrige Unoccupied Joshua Lopez Alexander Mondo
636 Unoccupied Mr. Great Tim Vikstein Unoccupied FS Trestkov Unoccupied Lovendara New Asden
633 Unoccupied Albrect von Battenburg-Grafton Alexander Mondo Mr. Great Unoccupied Unoccupied Albrect von Battenburg-Grafton New Asden
630 Unoccupied Albrect von Battenburg-Grafton Michael Valois Edward Harders Ulrykk von Guelderlaand Mayim Emanu-El Albrect von Battenburg-Grafton Chula Taiping
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