Gelsord Business League

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The Gelsord Business League, or GBL for short, is an economic coalition of many businesses of all sizes based in the city of Gelsord, Kavergraith. First formed in the year 556 as a response of Gelsord businesses against the depression suffered across Kodiak, the largest and by far the most influential business in the league is the Crysler Group, whom leads the tourism and construction industry in Gelsord and are a major player in Kavergraith's economy as a whole. The GBL was established to combat the recession by creating programs and organizations such as the Gelsord Business Credit Union (GBCU), managing and investing in the Gelsord Stock Exchange (GSE), and forming the Gelsord Business Lobbying Group (GBLG) to push the political interests of the GBL in the General Assembly (GA).

Subsidiaries of the GBL

  • Gelsord Business Credit Union (GBCU)
  • Gelsord Stock Exchange (GSE)
  • Gelsord Business Lobbying Group (GBLG)
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