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Logo of the Crysler Group. In Old Gellish, it reads: "Comfort and Command".


The Crysler Group is large, multinational corporation based in the Kodiak Republic and headquartered in the city of Gelsord. It was first founded in 426 under the name "Crysler & Sons" by Donovan Crysler in Gelsord. The company's roots began in tourism as the Crysler estate hosted festivities in the winter for the entire community and earned revenue through charging fares and selling food and merchandise. The company rebranded itself after the death of Donovan Crysler in 445 to the Crysler Group. Since then the company owns numerous subsidiaries and has grown to become the largest corporation in Gelsord and one of the largest corporations in Kodiak as a whole. The Group is a co-founder and member of the Gelsord Business League.


The company started off as an entrepreneurial venture by Donovan Crysler in the year 424. He repurposed his mountain lodge into a temporary bar and started hosting festivities and selling food and drink to the local population. It became a huge success and these activities expanded into a Gelsord tradition, one now known as the Gelsord Winter Fairgrounds. The capital Donovan accumulated through his venture allowed him to expand his operation and officially starts "Crysler & Sons". After Donovan's death his son rebranded the company to the Crysler Group and rebranded the mountainside estate into the Crysler Ski Resort; for two years the estate underwent massive renovations to fully transform it into a ski resort. The CEO during the time was very dissatisfied by the speed and cost of renovations and had serious reservations about hiring the construction company again. In 455 the Crysler Construction Company (CCC) was formed as a subsidiary to the Crysler Group and to this day has overseen all construction of Crysler Group related assets as well as many third party construction contracts. Likewise, the Crysler Media Corporation (CMC) was formed under the Crysler Group in 452 in an extensive effort to advertise the ski resort all over the country and even abroad. Although it began with roots in commercial advertising, it expanded into a large media conglomerate. The first century of the Republic brought untold prosperity to the entire nation, billions upon billions of florins were being pumped into the Kodiak economy and the Crysler Group was always hungry for more capital.

However, due to the epidemic and the following quarantine the conglomerate was heavily downsized, but still retained a large amount of capital and influence. During this time they opened their hotels and the Crysler Ski Resort to the homeless for a token fee of 100 florins a month. In 556 the Group, along with many other large corporations such as the Anrikk Banking Clan, Dundallan Mining Corporation, Yavin Automative along with many small and medium businesses formed the Gelsord Business League (GBL). The GBL was formed to promote economic activity and protect the interests of all the businesses that are a part of it. The Crysler Group emerged from the quarantine as a battered, bruised, but still powerful entity in Kodiak's economy and politics. With the backing of the GBL, many Crysler CEOs have represented the Gelsord constituency in the General Assembly since 596.


Crysler Ski Resort

A massive recreational complex and major tourist attraction in the city of Gelsord. Sitting on a large mountainside, the complex contains several large hotels, multiple gourmet restaurants along with a buffet food court, saunas, hot springs, public baths, and of course several large mountainside slopes of varying difficultly for skiing and snowboarding. Originally a mountainside hunting lodge owned by Donovan Crysler, he refurbished it into a pub and hosted festivities for the entire town on the mountainside. Since then the Crysler Ski Resort has undergone numerous renovations and upgrades to turn it into the premier ski resort in all of Kodiak and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Crysler Construction Company (CCC)

A giant in the construction industry, the CCC is responsible for all construction and renovations to all Crysler Group owned buildings. They have also taken and completed numerous contracts for other private entities such as the Dundallan Mining Corporation and Yavin Automotive as well as several amusement parks. The CCC also has many public infrastructure projects under their repertoire including road and railroad construction and maintenance. As of 649 they're undertaking the high-speed rail and bus expansion in the Kavergraith region.

Crysler Media Corporation (CMC)

Originally created to promote the Crysler Ski Resort and merchandise, it has grown into the largest media corporation in Gelsord and possibly in all of Kavergraith. The CMC owns the Gelsord Post and the Gelsord Broadcasting Station, the largest publishing company and the largest radio and television company in Gelsord respectively.

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