636 General Election - 13 Dec 2021

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The 636 General Election was held on 13 December 2021. Incumbent Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand ran for a second term as the only candidate. Incumbent Chancellor Albrecht von battenberg-Grafton went missing in the last months before the campaign and the government worked in caretaker mode. Two candidates ran for Chancellor in this election: Minister of Treasury and Revenue Mr. Great and Minister for Health and Education Alexander Mondo.

The election ran for four days and was certified by Assembly President von Guelderlaand.

The election was run through the Pollmaster Software on Discord and the questions put were:

Do you approve of Ulrykk von Guelderlaand retaining the position of President of the General Assembly?
19 - Aye
0 - Nay
0 - Abstain

Please select the candidate you prefer for the position of Chancellor of Kodiak.
16 - Karr
4 - GoaT
2 - Neither

The incoming Chancellor has proposed the following cabinet:

Ministry of Justice, Law, and Order – Mr. Great
Ministry of Health and Education – Tim Vikstein
Ministry of Transportation – New Asden
Ministry of Defense and Immigration - Lovendara
Ministry of Commerce and Labour - Trestkov

The next election is expected to be held on 7 March 2022 with nominations opening on 28 Feb 2022.

The two candidates for Chancellor both provided a campaign call transcribed below.

Alexander Mondo
My fellow Kodiakers! It is with great humility and excitement that I announce my candidacy for the Chancellorship of our great Republic. I have had numerous citizens approach me, asking me the same question; “What happened to Kodiak?” In the years since the rebirth, we have endured riots of all sorts, a deterioration of race relations, and crime running rampant in our communities. If given the opportunity, I swear to my fellow citizens that my administration will do all it can to tackle these existential threats. I will start by appointing competent ministers, and organizing meetings where we all discuss the ways in which we can address the issues we face. Each minister in my cabinet will have an equal voice, and just as we are meant to represent the people as public servants, I will represent my administration, and be its servant. My aim is to create a cooperative and open dialogue, with the plight of the people of Kodiak being our prime concern and focus. We are experiencing dark days, but with popular support, I vow to bring us through this darkness, and into a new era of prosperity, fairness, and justice. I ask for your support, my fellow patriots. Once more unto the breach! Dear friends, once more! For we will once again have reason to take pride in our nation. May Kodiak stand free, forever!

Mr. Great
Hello Everybody! I wish to announce my candidacy for chancellor of our great reoublic. My goal is to pass legislation that helps citizen's lives. Things like Better Healthcare at lower costs, Reducing Crime, Cutting Taxes and creating Jobs.
- This campaign is a joke.
- I am running but don't intend to win

Assembly President Candidate Ulrykk von Guelderlaand announced his candidacy with this campaign call:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that it is my intention to run again for a term as Assembly President. It is my belief that while we have many capable members, and that I am sure that in time any one of you could easily be up to the task of managing the Assembly, it is my personal assessment, that I am in the best place to continue to maintain and grow our legislature while being its President. I ask for your vote on 13 December.

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