639 General Election - 07 Mar 2022

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The 639 General Election was held on March 14, 2022. Two candidates ran for President in this election: Minister of Education and Healthcare, Tobias Virstürm (PPK) and Minister of Justice, Law, and Order, Hoffe Von Richter (Independent). Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand announced his candidacy to the position of Chancellor but was assassinated by "Kodiak Militia" on February 28th. Two candidates ran for Chancellor in this election: Minister of Transportation, Wesley Karlsson (DLPK) and Assembly Member, Yungly Shoan, CEO of Chest and Co (CACSPO).

Three new political parties participated in the election: The Democratic Labor Party of Kodiak (DLPK), The Progress Party of Kodiak (PPK), and the Chest and Co Sponsored Political Office (CACSPO).

The election ran for three days and was certified by Chancellor Mondo.

The election was run through the EasyPoll Software on Discord and the questions put were:

For whom do you vote for Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic?

15 - Wesley Karlsson

2 - Yungly, CEO of Chest and Co.

2 - Abstain

For whom do you vote for President of the Assembly of the Kodiak Republic?

12 - Tobias Virstürm

4 - Hoffe Von Richter

3 - Abstain

The incoming Chancellor has proposed the following cabinet:

Ministry of Justice, Law, and Order – Harry Newlston
Ministry of Transportation – Alexander Mondo
Ministry of Defense and Immigration - Slatium
Ministry of Education and Healthcare - Mazens
Ministry of Commerce and Labour - Kruitezia

The ministerial approval was run through the EasyPoll Software on Discord and the question put was:

Do you wish to Approve, Debate, or Abstain in the ministerial selection by the @Chancellor?

14 - Aye

4 - Open for Debate

2 - Abstain

The next election is expected to be held on 28 May 2022 with nominations opening on 22 May 2022.

The two candidates for Chancellor both provided a campaign call transcribed below.

Wesley Karlsson

Good day, my fellow Kodiakers! As you may already know, I am running for Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic, alongside my ministers, Kruitezia (Minister of Commerce and Labour), Alexander Mondo aka Karr (Minister of Transportation), Napoleon Main (Minister of Education and Health), Mylife aka Slatium (Minister of Defense and Immigration, and finally Will (Minister of Justice and Law). Since our Republic faces many issues that threaten our sovereignty and success, not only on the Democracy 4 simulation but as well as on the Discord and on NationStates, my ministers and I have formed the Democratic Labour Party of Kodiak (DLPK for short). The foundation and ideals of our newly formed political party revolve around solving the most pressing of issues for the citizens of Kodiak- such as crime, immigration, health (simulation) and inactivity, emigration to other regions, and recruitment (NS and Discord). That being said, the DLPK can be defined by five distinguishing stances: -Law Enforcement and Immigration i.) Crime is a serious threat to the Kodiak’s sovereignty and safety to the yeeclack citizens. Mobs, riots, and protests pose a serious threat to law abiding, working citizens. My ministers and I vow to end this and reclaim our streets in a swift and peaceful manner. We believe that more funding needs to be pumped into the justice system to incarcerate criminals and keep our people safe, whilst protecting peoples’ right to free speech and to peacefully assemble. ii.) It is proven that more relaxed immigration policies are a direct cause of crime (more specifically organized crime and the transportation and dealing of illegal drugs). This is why the DLPK supports strict but fair immigration policies. This allows people to legally acquire citizenship, but maintain peace in our streets. -Workers’ Rights i.) Worker’s rights are foremost on our priorities-after all we are a Labour Party. We help to ensure that workers and employers have an equal voice in negotiations and provide workers the opportunity to seek to improve their living and working conditions. ii.) Through state-funded employment programs, and representing the interests of workers union’s across our nation, we will increase the quality of life for all workers. - Education i.) Education will be the key to Kodiak’s success for generations to come, and to manifest that belief, we must make sure that our educational resources are available to any student willing to put the work in to excel. Our government will do all it can to fund state-scholarships, grants, and bursaries to ensure that any student that takes their education seriously will be able to continue their educational journey in College or University -Environment i.) Our environment is in imminent danger, and we believe we must take an active legislative role in slowing the effects of climate change. Our party is committed to protecting the integrity of our ecosystems to ensure that we will not deplete them of their natural beauty. We’re also committed placing regulatory measures in place to limit our carbon footprint. -Health i.) With the ongoing pandemic (now facing the threat of an endemic) we have all realized how important health is to everyday people. That’s why the DLPK believes effective and affordable healthcare should be provided for all. Citizens living in poverty do not have access to basic medical needs - acetaminophen, insulin, asthma respirators, chemotherapy, etc. Healthcare for all ensures the Kodiak Republic’s health, safety, and legacy, ensuring we are all healthy for generations to come. Our party believes in putting Kodiak first… by ensuring their health & safety, fighting for safe and fair working conditions, properly educating our youth, and protecting our beautiful environment. Together, we can fight for a better tomorrow… Vote Wesley Karlsson (New Asden)
Chancellor 2022 (Quarter 2)
“For a Better Tomorrow”

Mr Yungly Shoan

Hello people of the Kodiak Republic, we may be joining late in the election but the Chest and Co Sponsored Political Office will bring fortune and prosperity to the Kodiak Republic, do you think the unemployed should be in power? Do you think that the people wanting to suppress the working class in favor for the homeless should be in power? Vote Yungly Shoan, CEO of Chest and Co, to support the working class by increasing jobs and wages

(To be clear I do not actually believe that the homeless should not receive benefits but ya know, radical Liberal right political office)

Minister Tobias Virstürm provided an announcement for his candidacy for Assembly President.

Tobias Virstürm

Announcement. Dear esteemed members of Kodiak. I believe many of you know me, and know I only want the best for this region. Therefore, I wish to announce my candidacy for the office of President. As many of you also know, during my term as Minister, I provided and passed legislation that benefits the whole of Kodiak. I have learned the ropes of the administration through my current post and have been able to work with other officials in coming up with solutions to the present issues of Kodiak. These are things I hope to continue to do as the President of our beautiful region. I hope I have your support, and hope to lead Kodiak into a bright and prosperous future.

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