The Policing Act, 645

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The Policing Act, 645

To grant additional authorities to combat corruption.
ENACTED by the Anti-Corruption Resolution, 645.
AMENDED by the Amendment to The Policing Act, 654.

Article 1 - The National Kodiak Police

1.1 - Establishes the central bureau of the National Kodiak Police (NKP) in the capital of Rykkburgh.
1.2 - Further central branches of the NKP shall be located within the Provincial Capitals.
1.3 - The NKP shall be quarterly funded with ₣690,000,000.
1.4 - Establishes The NKP Academy at Rykkburgh
1.5 - Creates the Drug Enforcement Task Force
1.5.1 - Empowers the DETF with exclusive jurisdiction concerning the Controlled Substance Act
1.5.2 - Grants quarterly budget of ₣50M.
1.6 - Grants ₣440,000,000 quarterly for training and outfitting of local police departments.
1.7 - Creates the Office of the Police Commissioner
1.7.1 - The Police Commissioner is appointed by the Ministry of Law and Order until such a time replaced or retired from service.
1.7.2 - The Commissioner shall oversee the enforcement of all police regulations and administrations
1.7.3 - The Commissioner shall hold regular, public meetings to discuss community concerns and policy issues related to law enforcement.

Article 2 - The State Bureau of Investigations

2.1 - Reforms the Kodiak Intelligence Agency into the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI).
2.2 - Empowers the SBI to monitor, disrupt, and investigate syndicates of organised crime, internal terrorist threats, and incidents of foreign interference inside the Kodiaker Republic.
2.3 - Empowers the SBI with exclusive jurisdiction concerning Title 1, The Kodiak Felony Act, Article 6.
2.4 - Empowers the SBI with exclusive jurisdiction concerning Title 1, The Kodiak Felony Act, Article 7.
2.5 - The SBI shall be quarterly funded with ₣450,000,000 for baseline operations.
2.5.1 - Grants additional ₣20,000,000 quarterly for State Crimes Investigations
2.5.2 - Grants additional ₣15,000,000 quarterly for Unaccounted Wealth Investigations

Written and Proposed by Chancellor Oskar Luchens, MGA, NUP

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