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Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 17/12/2021 TO BE DEBATED:

Proposed for debate to the General Assembly by @Assembly President @Ulrykk von Guelderlaand with approval from @Chancellor @Alexander Mondo (Karr), a resolution to Affiliate the Republic of Kodiak with the international organisation known as the United Regions Alliance. Members may be interested in reading the URA charter here : @Assembly Members are now free to comment. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand


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— 17/12/2021

Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 17/12/2021 I would like to motion the URA representative be given permission to participate in this debate. Those in favour of the motion vote A, those against vote N. frenkimaster99 — 17/12/2021 I think that we should join ura because i think that It would help starter nations to prosper more and i think that it would be better for activity. Yilmiz Imperial Service — 17/12/2021 Perhaps the URA representative can provide more information the perks of URA membership, how membership has benefitted other regions and their constituent nations. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 17/12/2021 With five (including myself) in favour of the motion and none against, I will approve the motion for the representative to be heard. @Ellenburg the URA diplomat has confirmed he has access to the channel and will be available to answer questions over the course of the debate, thought not necessarily immediately depending on his real life obligations. Ellenburg — 17/12/2021 Here is the general benefits for regions over 100 plus nations. I can go into more details if needed. As a member of a large region (100+), here are some of the benefits you can experience:

Many more options for influence within the WA,

Have opportunities to mentor regional leaders of small or medium sized regions,

Have the option of displaying your region during our annual URACon, and

Bring your region further into the International spotlight. To add to this your residents can also participate in many of the cultural events we hold with internally and externally. Be involved in the Alliance government as well we are always looking for new and fresh ideas to make the URA even better. We also are more than willing to help in areas of need for your region and give advice and help as needed. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 17/12/2021 As I have been the lead Envoy to this point, with the Chancellor's permission, I want to note that in stark terms: While Kodiak has been a top-40 region for much of the last two months, we have yet to be approached by a single major foreign government for international relations. Our current only Embassy is with New Western Empire which both was instigated by us, and is currently inactive. Joining the URA is the first and most obvious step to participating in the international community, and immediately puts us at the table of a large organisation of similarly minded governments. Not to mention, by accepting the obligations under the URA charter, we also demonstrate that we are 'bought in' to the concept of international diplomacy. While the alliance does provide a lot of general benefits, more so than many other international organisations, it also very specifically puts us in front of, and allows us to work with, 20+ foreign governments. Martang B. Eðeltreow — 18/12/2021 Ellenburg! There's an old familiar name 🙂 I look forward to reading this in full Yilmiz Imperial Service — 18/12/2021 Thanks for the answers to my queries, @Ellenburg & @Ulrykk von Guelderlaand. I am optimistic and excited for our region's membership in the URA. Ellenburg — 18/12/2021 I have been Around the block for some time now in NS. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 19/12/2021 Just touching base with the assembly to inform you that so far New Asden has been masked as an ambassador on behalf of Kodiak in the URA discord as would be his position as our WA Delegate (and I am still remaining as head of mission to help Asden until the application is complete), but I currently have no new information regarding the status of our application in the URA Civil Council. Will keep you posted as I know more. New Asden — 20/12/2021 Thanks Rykk Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 23/12/2021 Currently the status of our application, as I am led to believe, is that it has passed the initial recruitment committee and will be introduced to the civil council presently. I presume Asden and I will be interviewed about our system of government and community ideals over the next days Ellenburg — 23/12/2021 You are correct I am hoping our Deputy Director of recruitment will bring this to the Civil Council for discussion and questions for you all in the coming days. Unfortunately she is on partial leave this week so it might not get to the council till after the Christmas. I am pushing all I can without over stepping to get it on the prior. Many apologies for the delay on this New Asden — 23/12/2021 You are absolutely fine. Thanks for your help and hard work! Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 27/12/2021 I was just investigating how this was going when our application entered discussion within the URA council. So update for the assembly is that the process is into the next stage and as far as I understand the last stage before their vote. I would motion that we begin our vote alongside theirs when the time comes. Are there any objections? Yilmiz Imperial Service — 28/12/2021 No objections from me 👍 New Asden — 28/12/2021 Nope Alexander Mondo (Karr) — 28/12/2021 Excellent, sounds great. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 29/12/2021 The URA have approved the application and it will now proceed to vote. I will end discussion on the debate and begin our vote now. pm!activate URA Pollmaster BOT

— 29/12/2021

>> URA Poll Question Shall we join the URA? Roles Assembly Member Anonymous True Deadline Poll is closed. ​ Final Results of the Poll (Single Choice):

regional_indicator_a: Aye - 12 Votes
regional_indicator_b: Nay - 0 Votes
regional_indicator_c: Abstain - 1 Votes

Image React with ❔ to get info. It is not a vote option. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 29/12/2021 @Assembly Member The URA are now in the process of approving our membership via vote. For our treaty to take effect, we both will need to approve the affiliation. Please vote accordingly in the vote box. A reminder that votes can take between five and 15 seconds to be registered, so please don't click your choice more than once. You can confirm your vote has been received by clicking on the [?]. New Asden — 29/12/2021 That is wonderful news The Greatest of All Time — 30/12/2021 great

URA Discussion


Azellenburg-Au/CK — 27/12/2021 One order of business for the Civil Council before the New Year is done. I would like to start discussion on the entrance of The Kodiak Republic to the United Regions Alliance. There Assembly President has put together a statement addressing there Application and is available for any questions you all might have for them. Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand [Rykkland]- "To the Civil Council of the United Regions Alliance;

On behalf of the Chancellor of the Republic of Kodiak Alexander Mondo [Karr]; With the approval of the Kodiak World Assembly Delegate [New Asden];

Recognising the need for both the sitting URA Civil Council and the Kodiak General Assembly to approve any measure to affiliate our government to your organisation;

Noting Chapter II of the URA Charter I attest that the Kodiak Republic does in fact qualify by: 5:1 - Possessing an active World Assembly Delegate; 5:2 - Having no current foreign diplomatic entanglements proscribing the purpose of the URA; 6:1 - Accepting the ultimate authority of the URA Civil Council over the decision to affiliate;

Further acknowledging EO-009 of the URA Recruitment Guidance Act, the Kodiak Republic also qualifies by meeting: 1: A population above 30 nations (currently 270+ with a recent peak of 316); 2: A population of more than five WA nations (currently 56, similar to our peak); 3: An active WA delegate ([New Asden], the sitting Minister for Transportation); 4: No ties to fascism (including a KGA resolution against Fascism readable here - ); 5: A stable government (discord link available here - ); 6: An RMB with posts younger than 30 days old (currently approximately 550 RMB posts in the last 30 day period); 7: A understanding of the URA Charter; 8: Acquiesces to a diplomatic meeting with the executive administrators of the URA;

Accepting the requirements of the URA Charter upon the participation of a delegate and noting in particular: Chapter I, Articles 1 through 3 of the URA Charter (Purpose); Chapter II, Articles 9 and 10 of the URA Charter (Obligations); CC013 - The URA Delegate Compliance Act; The Kodiak Republic Wiki TKRnofash Resolution against Fascist Ideologies (634) | The Kodiak Republic Wiki | Fandom

I, Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand [Rykkland], am authorised to present to you our request to enroll the Kodiak Republic as a member state of the United Regions Alliance.

I thank you for your consideration." @Voting Member Please discuss and ask any questions of this region below. TAzul08 — 27/12/2021 As a point of curiosity, what made you decide to join the URA? Any number of reasons would suffice. Rykkland | TKR — 27/12/2021 I hope you'll excuse some informality as I will have to respond through my phone while travelling post-holiday Lycos/OT | Niamark — 27/12/2021 Informality is the norm in these parts, to be fair. What are we, a WA group? Rykkland | TKR — 27/12/2021 There are likely quite a few reasons large to small but the most important points I think would be, 1) a sentiment similar that the WA is difficult to exert any real participatory effect without working with a larger organisation, 2) a desire to rebuild our diplomatic value and reputation since our region entered hibernation 7 years ago, 3) a trust and a belief that the individuals within the ura as an organisation are similar in values and ethos within the game generally to us as kodiakers Lycos/OT | Niamark — 27/12/2021 Amyhow, full support for this Rykkland | TKR — 27/12/2021 I would also note that while I am here to work as head of the mission for our application, long-term our WAD @New Asden | TKR would be our representative should we be accepted TESDAI | AA Defense Officer — 28/12/2021 Barring any unforeseen circumstances, full support from me. Calamari Lands | MT — 28/12/2021 looking good Draganisia - SA — 28/12/2021 Same here Noble Titans | RF — 28/12/2021 I like them. They have my full support Scalizagasti | MT — 28/12/2021 is your pfp an nft TESDAI | AA Defense Officer — 28/12/2021 Is yours 👀 Noble Titans | RF — 28/12/2021 Yes it is! Lycos/OT | Niamark — 28/12/2021 my pfp is not an nft it's real art that I made myself and actually own The Dragon (BD) | CGH — 28/12/2021 Looks good to me ēcho | AU — 28/12/2021 I've no issues letting them in, looks a cool community. Rykkland | TKR — 28/12/2021 I want to thank everyone for their kind words thus far. I remain vigilant and available to clarify any issues on the council's mind. Lycos/OT | Niamark — 30/12/2021 @BradK Would love to hear your reasoning against. TAzul08 — 08/01/2022 Welcome, then!


Noble Titans | RF — 29/12/2021 @Voting Member We will begin the vote on the Kodiak Republic entering our regional alliances!! Please cast your vote! Aye=Yes Nay=No Abstain=Abstain >region The Kodiak Republic Augustin BOT

— 29/12/2021

The Kodiak Republic Founder The Kodiak Republic Founded Antiquity (no records pre-2010) Delegate New Asden (24 votes) World Assembly 59 members, 306 endorsements Nation Count 254 Regional Power Moderate (59.3k points) Population 241 billion individuals Gross Regional Product 23.1 quadrillion currency units/year Update Most recent: 12:07:33 ET (#6228 out of 26476) Image Noble Titans | RF — 29/12/2021 Aye Quinceria | Sonindia — 29/12/2021 Aye Brulave | Niamark — 29/12/2021 Aye St George | BP — 29/12/2021 aye Calamari Lands | MT — 29/12/2021 Aye Orioni | Eurth — 29/12/2021 Aye Azellenburg-Au/CK — 29/12/2021 AYE Orca and Narwhal | TGN — 29/12/2021 Aye Draganisia - SA — 29/12/2021 Yep The Dragon (BD) | CGH — 29/12/2021 Aye Veriss | Anteria — 29/12/2021 Aye TESDAI | AA Defense Officer — 29/12/2021 Aye BradK — 30/12/2021 Nay Noble Titans | RF — 31/12/2021 12-1 @Voting Member don’t forget to vote please!! Azellenburg-Au/CK — 03/01/2022 We only need one more vote to finish this vote. Marlida | KOS — 03/01/2022 Aye Odin von Jutland — 03/01/2022 Aye Azellenburg-Au/CK — 03/01/2022 By a vote of 14 Aye and 1 nay the Kodiak Republic has been admitted to the URA! @Voting Member

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