Resolution to Join the United Regions Alliance (636)

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A resolution to affiliate the Kodiak Republic with the international organisation known as the United Regions Alliance.

Passed by the Kodiak General Assembly 03 January 2022 - 12 Aye, 0 Nay, 1 Abstain.
Accepted by the United Regions Alliance Civil Council 03 Janurary 2022 - 14 Aye, 1 Nay, 0 Abstain

Amended by The Nation of Promise Resolution, 652

BE IT RESOLVED by the General Assembly of the Most Serene Republic of Kodiak:

RECOGNISING the Republic of Kodiak must actively engage in diplomatic exercise within the international sphere;

OBSERVING the influence of the United Regions Alliance within the international community;

HONOURING the respected member states of the URA and the considerable diplomatic work they perform on behalf of the international community;

UNDERSTANDING the minor but enforceable mandate of the URA upon affiliate states;

APPRECIATING the role our Nation will play in influencing international policy within the URA Civil Council;

HEREBY DECLARES the Republic of Kodiak shall accept the terms of the URA Charter and affiliate itself within that international organisation;

FURTHER DECLARES that the Republic of Kodiak shall make every reasonable effort to contribute its existing forces (military and domestic) to the advancement of the URA so long as doing so does not reasonably jeopardise Kodiaker capabilities.

FURTHER OBLIGATES the Kodiak Executive to ensure an Envoy shall be appointed to the Civil Council of the United Regions Alliance as a priority as is our right;

CONTINGENT specifically on the approval of the Civil Council of the URA of the application to affiliate of the Republic of Kodiak.

Introduced by Ulrykk von Guelderlaand, President of the Kodiak General Assembly, in his capacity as Director of the Kodiak Diplomatic Corps and head of the United Regions Alliance Diplomatic Mission.

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