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Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 20/11/2021 TO BE DEBATED:

Proposed for debate to the General Assembly by @Minister @New Asden, a resolution to amend the National Kodiak Police Act (Inter) [1] @Assembly Members are now free to comment. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand


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— 20/11/2021

New Asden — 20/11/2021 Wow the wiki looks amazing! The Greatest of All Time — 21/11/2021 Looks Good Kala of Ravenfall — 21/11/2021 Rail more based than highway New Asden — 21/11/2021 Actually it is not. Take a look at how much we put into road construction, maintenance, and the road Infrastructure bill. But we can make adjustments so thanks for your opinion! New Asden — 21/11/2021 And as the Minister of Transportation I have a question. Is it my departments responsibility to pay the people who work for us? Or not? Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021 The budgets given to the road departments will include salaries and benefits, yes. There is no external pool of cash for salaries or contracts. Its all simplified to be within the ministry's allocated budgets. The same goes for other departments such as schools and police I believe also, the point Makhnalunya was making was that they believe railways would be a superior form of transport than road infrastructure. (I abstain from noting my opinion at this time as President). On that point, i want to note that this is just the road budget allocation, and is in fact a decrease in allocation from the standing budget of something on the order of 33%. It is still possible for the nation to purchase, nationalise, and construct a country-wide rail service, but I would suggest this bill isn't the right place to do that. New Asden — 21/11/2021 I am so sorry for the misunderstanding makhnalunya. And I need to add more money to cover employees and benefits so you can add it to the wiki sometime. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021 Its ok to assume the salaries are already internal to the amounts selected. so of the 58% on general infrstructure, it will include the price of salaries. New Asden — 21/11/2021 Oh ok. Thanks rykk Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021 The simulation we're using works that way, and while its perfectly reasonable to want to add more things to a piece of IC legislation, it isn't strictly necessary. New Asden — 21/11/2021 Ok. If anyone has any proposals we can make adjustments if the majority agrees. We still have money left (just don’t want to go over 1 billion) Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021

  • billion

New Asden — 21/11/2021 Yes that’s what I meant Thanks again 👍 Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021 Happy to help. Grand Duchy of Lovendara — 21/11/2021 We also need to decrease the number of cars per household to lessen the effects of wear amd tear to the nation's highways New Asden — 21/11/2021 We can help fund the private sector since we don’t have a public transport system. We can think of a way to incorporate a public transport fund after this quarter. Currently we don’t have enough because of the road infrastructure bill. Grand Duchy of Lovendara — 21/11/2021 Oh ok Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 21/11/2021 I think I should note that, the current budget for road infrastructure is ~1 billion florins /quarter. That doesn't mean all transportation policy must be committed to within 1 billion florins; we can easily allocate more funding. If we wanted to put 2 billion florins towards nationalised rail services, we can do that. it just has to pass the Assembly. New Asden — 21/11/2021 Great to know. I may fund more into a metro system when I get back into state next week (probably sometime earlier but I don’t want you guys to expect it and I don’t have it ready) Taiping — 23/11/2021 I would love a national rail and bus New Asden — 23/11/2021 We will consider that the first quarter next year. The road infrastructure bill is very expensive but that is kind of a one and done thing. We will have enough in the budget next year. I love the idea btw! Taiping — 23/11/2021 I prefer such ideas to be implemented slowly rather than make a massive money dump xD New Asden — 23/11/2021 Me too. So we can slowly integrate a public transportation policy each quarter Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 23/11/2021 I think the establishment of a nationalised bus and rail network would likely require their own acts of legislation anyway. New Asden — 23/11/2021 Yeah I think the same New Asden — 24/11/2021 I have an idea to help get more funds for my department. I’m in Atlanta (the city I’m visiting) there is an expressway where those who have passes can avoid traffic with a lane by themselves. Do you guys think it is a good idea to implement this into the Kodiak? Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 24/11/2021 There are actually myriad interesting ways to gather funding for transportation. Congestion pricing and tolls are one way. We can also implement a vehicle tax, fuel taxes, there is even an option for using satellites to charge specific fees based on time, distance travelled, and by road. Also, by building a national transport system, (or just nationalising private rails and airlines) we can fund the department with ticket sales New Asden — 25/11/2021 I propose that we add toll roads at the border of the kodiak. We will loose money to start with, but gain it back. Any objections/proposals? Martang B. Eðeltreow — 25/11/2021 Do you think that will hurt what little tourism we get? Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 Personally, I feel that putting tolls at the borders would amount to an import tax on goods and services. New Asden — 25/11/2021 So no? It might disrupt the economy coming in But I wanted to hear some suggestions Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 its certainly possible, but I don't believe personally that the revenue brought in would be more than the loss in economic activity and tourism. New Asden — 25/11/2021 Ok. What about expressways in major cities? Sorry if I am spamming, I just have a moment to share all this to get opinions before I get back to what I was doing Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 You aren't spamming. You're posting directly relevant comments in a discussion topic In reference to your question, I would say, lets back up a moment and ask a different question. What is it you wish to accomplish by putting in toll roads on expressways? New Asden — 25/11/2021 Just a little more revenue for the government, especially because we are in debt I am thinking we should wait and establish/endorse public transportation though. That will be the biggest revenue and get less congestion on roads compared to an expressway I feel like an expressway would be best if we have a surplus and need to do something else for congestion (especially for high population growth in large cities) Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 So long as the interest on our debt is equal to or less than the rate of inflation against the international currency, being in debt isn't a problem. Also, so long as any debt we incur which exceeds that level increases our national economic position by greater than the rate of inflation, then its also money well spent. I would say, if we wish to revenue raise, we might ask "what behaviour do we want to stop?" and then implement a tax or fee accordingly. Our economy is still very fragile, and I am not confident a road toll would be good for shipping and business costs That isn't a 'never', its a 'not now' New Asden — 25/11/2021 Alright. I have a question. What is the population and what is the percent growth? Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 population growth or economic? New Asden — 25/11/2021 Population Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 Its currently 79 million Kodiakers, increasing currently at a rate of approximately 1 million per year. This rate reflects that the pandemic has ended and social spending on children and aged persons as well as increases in health spending and disposable income have increased both birthrate and life expectancy. New Asden — 25/11/2021 So that is somewhat substantial growth. We will need to implement something in the near future. I’m real life, that is very similar to Germany (population as well as growth) Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 True, with one important caveat Our population growth is of natural born citizens, as our immigration rate is nearly 0 New Asden — 25/11/2021 Well that makes a difference Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 Immigration is low because of all the rioting and racial violence New Asden — 25/11/2021 Oh. It may be very important to get the immigration rate up. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 Maybe: but I would suggest it may not have much to do with the transportation budget. New Asden — 25/11/2021 No but I was thinking in general Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 25/11/2021 I'd like to keep the conversation in this channel on the resolution at hand: but you're free to continue to discuss these questions with me in the 🎇-lobby Akecheta — 26/11/2021 Hello. I am the leader of an Indian nation. I would like to ask if you could not build any highways, paved roads, or anything of the sort in my nation. My nation's land have lots of rainforest and forest areas, and it is considered sacred with the people of my nation. If you would like to connect my nation to the region, then you have my permission to build dirt paths or gravel roads that will not hurt the ecosystem and the environment of my nation. Thank you. New Asden — 26/11/2021 Hello. As the minister of transportation I respect your ideals accordingly. We have room in the budget to make roads, whether they be paved or dirt. Being logical, it is impossible for your economy to function without the constant flow of goods and services. Having some type of road is very important. The quality of the roads can determine many things, but since this is your preference, I have no authority to tell you no. With this, take a look at the wiki to find more about the budget for this year. Have a wonderful day! Akecheta — 27/11/2021 What is the region's currency? The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 Ye Akecheta — 27/11/2021 That's the currency? Ye? The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 No Akecheta — 27/11/2021 Oh ok lol The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 lol But it's this sign ₣ Akecheta — 27/11/2021 I don't know what that sign is. The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 It's the currency Akecheta — 27/11/2021 Ok, what is the name? The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 Idk Akecheta — 27/11/2021 Ok. ₣ is the French Franc symbol. The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 😮 Akecheta — 27/11/2021 ₩ is my currency symbol for the Wampum. So my currency is different. The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 Ok Akecheta — 27/11/2021 ₩ means another form of currency, but I'm using it for my nation. Wampum is the currency of a native american tribe(s) The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 A My nation currency are Rheis Akecheta — 27/11/2021 ok Taiping — 27/11/2021 Florins? (If I remember correctly 😝 ) Taiping — 27/11/2021 I think that this is OK until we get a decent national public transport Akecheta — 27/11/2021 Ok, thank you. New Asden — 27/11/2021 The republics currency is the florin The Empire of Rheiland — 27/11/2021 Ok Akecheta — 27/11/2021 Ok. Do I have to change my currency? My nation's currency is the Wampum. New Asden — 27/11/2021 No Taiping — 27/11/2021 No New Asden — 27/11/2021 Let’s move this to 💬-general Akecheta — 27/11/2021 Ok. Taiping — 27/11/2021 Wait, I think this condo needs to be under the Nation-states channel New Asden — 28/11/2021 Hey guys! Got bored so I’m making license plate templates for the kodiak I’ve got one done so far but I’m making a few more New Asden — 28/11/2021 Here is the first design Image Image New Asden — 28/11/2021 Image Image Up there is the second New Asden — 28/11/2021 And here is the final Image Image New Asden — 28/11/2021 And of course my nations name and flag would be replaced with yours irl New Asden — 28/11/2021 Whoever did thumbs down how could I revise it? Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 28/11/2021 you did the thumbs down Image Akecheta — 28/11/2021 oof lol I think it looks nice. New Asden — 28/11/2021 No one was responding and I felt bad 🥲 Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 28/11/2021 I would like to take the moment to ask any @Assembly Members to please make their opinions heard. If there are no changes or objections, I will put this piece up for vote in two days. Akecheta — 28/11/2021 @New Asden what website did you use to make the license plates? Visduc — 28/11/2021 I have no objections frenkimaster99 — 29/11/2021 No I don’t have any objections Grand Duchy of Lovendara — 29/11/2021 Everything seems to be in order to me frenkimaster99 — 29/11/2021 Yea all seams good to me Nickdaa — 29/11/2021 Looks sick, so no objections from me New Asden — 29/11/2021 It’s a mobile app called FlipaClip Akecheta — 29/11/2021 Ok. Is it also a website? I want to create one. nope New Asden — 29/11/2021 It’s really supposed to be for making movies but I made stuff like this too It may not be on anything other than apple iOS store but I’m not sure Akecheta — 29/11/2021 It's not a website. you have to download it to use it. New Asden — 29/11/2021 Yeah you’ve gotta download it The Greatest of All Time — 29/11/2021 No objections Martang B. Eðeltreow — 01/12/2021 So this looks like a reduction to the highway budget to focus on emissions and safety? Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 Yes that is correct. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 pm!activate roadbud Pollmaster BOT

— 01/12/2021

>> roadbud Poll Question Do you approve of the Resolution on National Highways? Roles Assembly Member Anonymous True Deadline Poll is closed. ​ Final Results of the Poll (Single Choice):

regional_indicator_a: Aye - 11 Votes
regional_indicator_b: Nay - 1 Votes
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Image React with ❔ to get info. It is not a vote option. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 @Assembly Members may now vote whether to accept the amendments to the road transportation budget. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand — 01/12/2021 you'll need to click the icon below the voting box or your vote will not be counted. If you are unsure if it has been counted, you can click the ? icon and it will tell you you need to use the vote box. please wait 10 seconds for your count to register with the server

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