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Patrick Barber — 17/01/2022 @Assembly Member For your consideration, a policy to clarify the ways in which new members become citizens. This is a COMMUNITY REGULATION RESOLUTION and as a result is not to be conducted in character as mock-government. This is about maintaining the integrity of our community.

The rights of citizenship come with significant risks to the integrity of our democracy, including but not limited to Spies, Bad Actors, sock-puppets (voting fraud), and spiteful voting.

As our community continues to grow, we must be prepared for the possibility that we may become a target for bad actors. This is part of the reason of the implementation of the WICKBOT among other mostly behind-the-scenes changes I have been conducting slowly over the last month. (With more to come).

While I as the Community Director ( @The Kodiak Public Service ) have at least some discretion to implement these changes for the general protection of the server, I feel it would be better that we all have the opportunity to consider and discuss what the purpose of these changes are, and what kinds of changes we may wish to make.

I look forward to your input and to answering your questions. My recommendations are here listed below: Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 I do want to invite members to read and provide feedback if they have any. Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 Have we experienced anything like thar before? Yilmiz Imperial Service — 19/01/2022 Is region raiding still a common occurrence in NS today? Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 It is, but discord raiding is a much more likely and dangerous problem there are at least three organised groups I know of that seek out and destroy mock-government communities just because they target them in particular. (amongst targetting any discord they can destroy if they think it will be entertaining for them.) Yilmiz Imperial Service — 19/01/2022 I suggest that, perhaps, a google forms site is created for new nations joining on NS to ‘apply for citizenship’ prior to being given the link to the discord. This will allow us to assess whether these new nations are okay to officially be a part of the region. A set of questions can be asked in the form to help us decide this. If we deem them incompatible with our region, we can just apologise and request that they leave the region within a specific number of days. Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 I think, if I were a new member, and I wanted to join a community, and I wasn't allowed to see what their community did, or how it operated, or even talk in their general discussion before I was required to justify my residence in that community, I would leave it. Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 I may take inspiration from this verification procedure from another server.

Basically before you join the server, you are first DM'd by a bot named "Altdentifier" which leads you to some secure site which makes you answer questions to determine the validity of the user to enter said server.

Perhaps we can also implement this system to our discord server, I will ask the other server's admins on how to use the bot properly and then we can consider if we could use it here also Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 Wait I forgot to read this If that's the case, maybe we should allow certain roles to access certain channels, also similar to our role-access system on the server I mentioned Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 Yes which is why we are looking at this procedure for turning visitors into citizens Have you read the proposal? Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 Hold on, give me 5 minutes Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 Just to clarify here, this is not meant to be a procedure for the entire server's role and sub-role system, this is exclusively about the requirements for new visitors to become full first level members. the reason why I've brought it here is because it directly impacts who can be citizens/vote in the IC RP as well as the community generally. And please read the proposal before commenting on what you might think it says. Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 Hmmm if that's the case, we need more hands on figuring out a reliable way to give someone citizenship Has Asden already voiced his opinion on the matters? Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 I don't understand more hands? Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 More people to brainstorm a solution

Ah, I'm really bad at using words Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 What about the solution provided in the resolution do you not like Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 None actually Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 This is the full assembly. Anyone can brainstorm here Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 Ah, noted Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 Did you think this was the cabinet channel Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 I do know, but what I was trying to say is that I don't have a good solution for it, and I'm just going to be silent here until somebody gives another idea on how to handle citizenship Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 Ok. Well I like this solution but I did bring it here for input. Thanks for your opinion, and using more stringent roles bots is a plan for the future but I can't begin on them until we have a solid procedure for the minimum requirements for full citizenship If you think of anything else let us know, even if I sound a bit like a jerk, it's been a tiring few weeks I want your opinion and input and it is important to me Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 CITIZENSHIP should be granted through applications and a comitee set up to read said applications in my opinion Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 What which is not already in the proposal for discord citizenship do you think should be added then? Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 I also belive CITIZENSHIP should be divided in different ranks of CITIZENSHIP where the different ranks have different amounts of power This would be based on time as a citizen and loyalty to the goverment For example no one under level 3 Citizen may run for an government election position Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 I'd be interested in how everyone else feels about that. Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 Maybe a vote could be held within the server? Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 19/01/2022 So a Cast/Hierarchy system, intriguing... Though it strays off from our ideology of democracy a bit Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 It could serve as a type of representetive democracy if I rework it a bit Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 I would caution that we barely have enough players to fill out positions as it is; we most certainly are not large enough for a representative system That isn't to say never, but certainly not right now Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 Understandable Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 In the past we had two levels of citizenship; new citizens had full rights for vote and being a minister, except where established citizens were allowed to run for Senior Offices. An established citizen was defined as a citizen that was around for at least two elections. but that was back when we had elections every two months, whereas we now have them every three, and I feel that 6 months would be too long to wait Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 Yeah Maybe we could reinstate that system but less extreme Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 we can make it being around for one election that makes it a minimum three months for members to be allowed to run for a senior position Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 Sounds fair Patrick Barber — 19/01/2022 @Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) what do you think Harry Newlston — 19/01/2022 Gtg at school, talk later Patrick Barber — 24/01/2022 @Assembly Member Just bumping this topic for members to see ZeOrpheus (Kruitezia) — 24/01/2022 what Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 There was a suggestion that there should be limits on how long you must be a citizen to run for a senior official position. I accept that is a good idea, but that I prefer it be part of a different bill (about elections) instead of part of the citizenship bill. As a result, I'd like to move we vote on this as it stands. Are there any objections? Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 28/01/2022 Nein Harry Newlston — 28/01/2022 No objections Yilmiz Imperial Service — 28/01/2022 No objections from me ZeOrpheus (Kruitezia) — 28/01/2022 none Patrick Barber — 28/01/2022 I'll wait for two more people to comment and then we'll move to vote Zoque Fotekh — 28/01/2022 None from me Taiping — 28/01/2022 I have nothing to add Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 28/01/2022 no objections Wesley Karlsson (New Asden) — 28/01/2022 No objections The Democratic States Of Slatium — 28/01/2022 its alright for me Pollmaster BOT

— 01/02/2022

>> comcit Poll Question Do you accept the new Community Citizenship Act? Roles Assembly Member Anonymous True Deadline 04-Feb-2022 11:24 GMT ​ You have 1 vote:

regional_indicator_a: Aye - 12 Votes
regional_indicator_b: Nay - 0 Votes
regional_indicator_c: Abstain - 3 Votes

React with ❔ to get info. It is not a vote option. Patrick Barber — 01/02/2022 @Assembly Member Please vote for your choice in this vote. Note that the Pollmaster Software can often take up to 15 seconds to confirm your vote so please do not spam the button or you may accidentally un-vote. You can select the [?] to confirm your vote was counted if you are unsure. Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 04/02/2022 Patrick Barber — 04/02/2022 The vote is still ongoing. at least for a little while yet. Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 04/02/2022 oh its time zones in my time zone it will end in 4 hours Patrick Barber — 05/02/2022 with what amounts to unanimous consent, the new citizenship act is passed. I will do my best to address the changes in the application this weekend. Grand Kaiser Hoffe Von Richter — 07/02/2022

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