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Edit Channel September 23, 2022

Patrick Barber — 09/23/2022 @Assembly Member Tabled for consideration to the assembly: Executive Powers Resolution, 645 A resolution to empower the Executive with emergency powers during periods of national crisis.,_645 Proposed by Chancellor Oskar Luchens, NUP Voting is currently set for 14 October 2022

perrysmarts — 09/23/2022 I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to add a section that defines what events that could be considered as a national crisis event.

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 09/23/2022 The General Assembly would be the ultimate defining agency for what constitutes a national emergency. Since the General Assembly must grant any emergency powers to the chancellor as opposed to automatic powers.

Romulus Katzenwald (Lovendara) — 09/23/2022 This won't be exploited by opportunist wannabe tyrants, right? [6:00 AM] Sorry that was a strange thing to ask

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 09/23/2022 In line with that thinking I have focused the option to be something that Assembly grants and remove via simple majorities. Instead of the chancellor having the control.

Jonn Stevens (PPK) — 09/23/2022 Question for the @Chancellor will there be limitations on who you can arrest with the suspension of habeas corpus (edited)

Klaus Mikaelson — 09/23/2022 the powers are limited to 90 days. Is that 90 days of IRL time or 90 days of in-game time? because a term is counted as 3 years, so it makes a hell of a difference.

1 [8:29 PM] This also gives no process for the GA to vote on approving these powers. It starts by saying that things happen and the GA can take too long to debate and vote on things, but then it doesn't give any kind of schedule on emergency discussion and voting periods as far as emergency powers are concerned.

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 09/23/2022 1.All legislation is written in game time.

2.there is no special system for voting emergency powers. They are granted at the behest of the Assembly and taken away by the assembly by using the current system. (edited)

Klaus Mikaelson — 09/23/2022 So what would that time translation be? 90 days in-game would be what… only a could of days of actual time? What would be the point then? [9:14 PM] I don’t see this actually accomplishing anything, and like most of the rest of the war simulation, it’s just overdone.

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 09/23/2022 90 days is 1 week IRL. (edited)

Klaus Mikaelson — 09/23/2022

@Oskar Luchens (NUP) 90 days is 1 week IRL. (edited)

Jonn Stevens (PPK) — 09/23/2022 Also with the suspension of habeas corpus would their be limitations on people you can arrest in case of a power hungry guy arresting the whole ga to consolidate power (edited)

@Jonn Stevens (PPK) Also with the suspension of habeas corpus would their be limitations on people you can arrest in case of a power hungry guy arresting the whole ga to consolidate power (edited)

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 09/23/2022 There is no wording to limit the scope of who could be imprisoned for 90 days. I omitted this as it would impact the purpose of this measure. The purpose of the measure remains aimed at targeting elements of the population that are aiding or conspiring against the government during a time of war.

In practice the Chancellor would designate an area where the provision is enacted for 90 days during which those suspected of State Crimes would be arrested and held without trail or bail while the government worked to solidify the criminal charges after the arrest.

Klaus Mikaelson — 09/23/2022 Why should we have any sense of morality or legality, this is so much more convenient.

Jonn Stevens (PPK) — 09/23/2022 My only concern is a possible dictator could use this to consolidate power by falsely arresting the entire ga

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 09/23/2022 At the end of 90 days, the government would still need to present the evidence of the imprisonment for criminal proceedings. [9:58 PM] The fear of one person imprisoning the GA is not any greater than it currently is now. September 28, 2022

Jonn Stevens (PPK) — 09/28/2022 Then I don’t really see a problem with the bill in its current form October 4, 2022

Oskar Luchens (NUP) — 10/04/2022 Barring any additional debate in the next 24 hours. I wish to motion this item to a vote. October 7, 2022

Patrick Barber — 10/07/2022 @Assembly Member Apologies for my absence. I would like to ask the members consider this bill for at least 72 hours before I begin the vote. October 11, 2022

Patrick Barber — 10/11/2022 Last call for comment. I will put this to vote tonight otherwise (edited) October 18, 2022

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Tobias Virstürm (PPK) — 10/18/2022 @Assembly Member the resolution is up for a vote, and will end in 72 hours. Discussion from this point is prohibited.

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