Executive Powers Resolution, 645

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Executive Powers Resolution, 645

A resolution to empower the Executive with emergency powers during periods of national crisis.
Passed 10/21/2022 with 11 Aye, 2 Nay, 3 Abstain.

Be it resolved -

IDENTIFYING the rapid pace of events during periods of warfare or natural disasters;

RECOGNISING the legislature of the Kodiak Republic lacks the time to effectively meet, debate, and vote on all formal legislative resolutions;

HEREBY amends Title 8 of the Kodiak Law Code to:

  • Amends The Executive Chancellery Act (Inter)
  • Enacts The War Powers Act

Amendment of The Executive Chancellery Act (Inter)

To grant powers in time of national crisis to enact immediate provisions. Enacted ## MONTH 2022.

Adds Article 3 - Emergency Powers.

Adds Article 3 - Emergency Powers

3.1 - In time of national crisis, the Chancellor may be empowered through the General Assembly by majority vote with Emergency Powers to enact decrees after submission of the draft resolution ahead of the final vote.
3.2 - Emergency Powers are withdrawn at the will of the General Assembly by simple majority.

The War Powers Act (WPA)

An act to empower the Executive with special authorities in times of armed conflict.

Enacted ## MONTH 2022.

Article 1 - Authorities

1.1 - Grants the power to Declare Martial Law over declared theaters of conflict.
1.2 - Grants the power to Suspend Habias Corpus for a period of 90 days.
1.3 - Grants the power to Impose Curfews for periods of 90 days.
1.4 - Grants the power to Nationalize Key Industries for the duration of a conflict or emergency period.

Article 2 - Limitations

2.1 - The General Assembly may overrule Executive Actions through a resolution passed by simple majority.
2.2 - The High Court of the Republic may overrule Executive Actions under the basis of unconsitutionality.

Proposed to the Assembly by Chancellor Oskar Luchens, Q2 645

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