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Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/07/2024 9:56 AM

Tabled by MGA Tobias Vistürm, as government sponsored bill An act to adjust the funding for the National Authorization Act, 643

Debate is set to June 10th -The Amendment:,_643#Summary The Kodiak Republic Wiki Amendment to National Defense Authorization Act, 643 Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/07/2024 9:56 AM

-The original bill:,_643 The Kodiak Republic Wiki National Defense Authorization Act, 643 An act to expand the capabilities of the armed forces of the republic. Amends and merges the Defense Act (Inter) and National Defense Reserve Act (637). Passed 17/07/2022- 17 Aye, 1 Nay, 4 Abstain Amended by Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, 643 Amended by Military Funding Arrangement Act Amended by The National Defense Author... @Assembly Member Debate for this bill is now open

Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/07/2024 10:16 AM Members, this amendments purpose is to lower funding to military expenses and direct more specific investments towards rebuilding Kodiak. Additionally, this would supply the government with 15 billion annually for surplus spending. Minister @Bernard Glocke [I] has provided our cabinet with additional bills to address and restructure our armed forces with the passage of this bill in mind.

Joseph Fala (KSDP) — 06/08/2024 10:49 AM I would like to use this time speaking as not just a Member of this Great General Assembly but also as a Cabinet Minister here who oversees Transportation.

There was a lot of sacrifice that was made by our military over the past year and I will not deny there work into protecting this country. They should be commended for there work and respected for there courage to stand up against rebel forces. We are now in peaceful times in this country and its time for us to re-evaluate our finances to our priorities into rebuilding this nation and making it whole again.

A part of that work means that we need to invest more into our social commandments as a nation and into our economy to make sure we can come out stronger than ever. Because our defense isn't needed as much right now. Lowering the military's funding is needed. There are places we have idenfied that need our attention. Our Roads are underfunded and our railines still need work. Our Health System needs updates and there is still a lot more we need to do.

By doing this we free up funding for our services and we intend to balance our budget needs to make sure that we fill our obligations to our citizens. So I would like to request that the Assembly please vote yes on this bill.

Thank you for your time and god bless our troops!

Jean-Paul Deleuze [KWP] — 06/08/2024 9:42 PM I'm not against lowering military expenses, but I'd rather not lower Military Research funding.

Joanna Sousa KWP (Juliette) — 06/08/2024 9:50 PM Are we able to determine the implications on the current composition of the forces, and equipment, given these reductions in funding?

Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/09/2024 9:37 AM While I’m not entirely certain, I believe there are a few plans to address the cuts.

One is to organize and reconsolidate the military into a reserve based structure, another idea is to reduce the size of two divisions. There is also focus on creating a reserve in each region.

Lastly another bill would be proposed to standardize pay for all ranks.

The cabinet is still in discussions on what path seems the most optimal, but thanks to Minister Glocke there are a lot of solutions to the reduction in budget.

Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/09/2024 9:49 AM I can understand the concern with lowering the military research. This is a number than can change quickly to provide more funding in the future. Additionally, we can think about an individual bill for this area, as for the most part it has only been addressed in the National Defense Authorization Act.

Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/10/2024 7:22 PM @Assembly President seeing as there are no more questions or comments I motion to vote on this matter

Liam Harrison [KWP] — 06/10/2024 8:16 PM I second that motion.

Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/10/2024 8:23 PM

Any objection?

Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/10/2024 9:22 PM

No? Then

Antoine Durand — 06/10/2024 9:23 PM I don't think a single hour is enough time to declare if there is an objection or not. especially since its 3 am in England.

Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/10/2024 9:23 PM

I’ll wait for longer then Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/11/2024 9:24 AM This should be good to go by this point I will of course address any other questions, but I’d like to get this amendment moving so to present another bill EasyPoll APP

— 06/11/2024 9:26 AM

Question Does the General Assembly approve the Amendment to National Defense Authorization Act, 643?

Choices 🇦 Aye 🇧 Nay 🇨 Abstain

Final Result 🇦 ▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░ [14 • 64%] 🇧 ▓▓▓░░░░░░░ [6 • 27%] 🇨 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 9%] 22 votes from 22 users

Settings ⏰ Poll already ended (17 days ago) 🕵️ Anonymous Poll 1️⃣ allowed choice 💎 Allowed roles: @Assembly Member

lock: No other votes allowed

Poll ID: 2c309502

Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/11/2024 9:26 AM

@Assembly Member It’s time to vote Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/14/2024 9:54 AM

@Assembly Member With a vote of 14 Ayes, 6 Nays and 2 Abstains, the Amendment to National Defense Authorization Act, 643 has been passed. This thread will be archived soon

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