Resolution against Fascist Ideologies (634)

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A resolution to define an active philosophical and policy position of the government of the Kodiak Republic.
Approved 5 Nov 21 - 11 Aye, 1 Nay, 1 Abstain

The General Assembly of the Kodiak Republic,

DEFINES, for the purpose of this resolution, “fascism” as an ideology built on the foundations of violent authoritarianism and police reprisal, anti-democratic one-party rule, strong-man dictatorship, extreme nationalism with the purpose of ethnic purity, and imperialism as a means of domination;

RECOGNISING that fascism is a combination of a number of the above political foundations but is not defined by the presentation of a single listed ideal;

FURTHER RECOGNISING fascism is a complex political ideology often used as a pejorative against right-leaning individuals;

DEFENDING the right of individuals to hold complex opinions inclusive of those here to be condemned;

NOTING that fascism shares a number of uncontroversial ideals with many political ideologies, including but not limited to, autarky, strong central governance, economic interventionism, religious conservatism, and national pride;


1. DECLARES that the Kodiak Republic proscribes the ideals of fascism;

2. CONDEMNS all governments and organisations which support a fascist ideology in name or in action;

3. PROHIBITS political parties founded for the advancement of fascism;

4. REQUIRES the executive of the Kodiak Republic proscribe relations with any body within two degrees of a fascist organisation or government EXCEPTING intergovernmental organisations purposed to the advancement of peace and diplomacy.

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