Protecting Workers' Rights Act

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Protecting Worker’s Rights Act (641)

An act to increase labour rights and protections and to institute a minimum wage.
Approved on DD Month YYYY with # Aye, # Nay, # Abstain.

Article 1 - Minimum Wage

1.1 - A set and regulated minimum wage is essential amidst the modern world. Currently, there is no set law stating what wage employers should pay their employees. This bill is targeted toward the common man, and is designed to help the people belonging to the middle and lower classes.
1.2 - ₣15.00 is essential for Kodikers, and is an inalienable right to a fair and equal job market admits the corporate competition.

Article 2 - Unionization

2.1 - Unionization substantially determines how fair the workplace is. Workers unions fight against the oppression of greedy business owners undermining the rights of the fellow worker. The right to unionize would not only help created a safer, more equal environment, but will also help amid the ongoing recession we are facing. Alongside the right to peacefully assemble, our workforce can accomplish equity, equality, and fairness in any environment.
2.2 - It will be illegal for corporations to suppress or dismantle Workers' Unions, or disregard Unions' common/best interests.

Article 3 - Labour Hours and Leave

3.1 - Fair and reasonable shifts must be set in law to make sure we combat corruption and greed in business. Kodiakers are not permitted to work more than 40 hours a week.
3.2 - Employers are required by law to compensate workers for overtime hours 50% that of the regular hourly wage. For example, if a person makes $30 and hour, he/she will be payed $45 for every hour they work overtime.
3.3 - Mandatory breaks will be set in legislation within the PWR bill. Employees are guaranteed a minimum 20 minute break every 8 hour shift they are allowed to work.
3.4 - People will be guaranteed a minimum (more time may be allowed depending on the employer) 4 weeks paid leave every year by the Federal Government in wake of cases of serious personal or family member illness, vacation time, etc.
3.5 - Women will have 15 weeks paid maternal leave if they have had a child birth. Men will have 4 weeks paid leave in the wake of their partner's and child's birth.

Article 4 - Workers' Compensation

4.1 - If a person is injured/hospitalized on the job, the government should provide coverage for workers’ medical expenses.
4.2 - Compensation for lost wages while a worker is out recovering will also be set into law.
4.3 - If a person dies from job related hazards, benefits for dependents of workers will be paid for.

Article 5 - Increased Government Regulation

5.1 - The government should allow for the creation of the Economic and Employee Protection Agency as a branch of the ministry of Commerce and Labour. This new branch shall ensure and investigate businesses with fraudulent or neglected laws that violate federal law and workers rights. Businesses found suspicious of fraudulent or neglective activity shall be tried in court.
5.2 - To inspect and patrol workers safety, the Kodiak Employer Safety Organization (KESO) should be established. KESO would inspect workplaces for safety, sanitation, and injuries.
5.2.1 - All injuries should be reported to KESO within 24 hours of the incident. This ensures the right to a safe workplace and workers compensation.
5.2.2 - All unsafe equipment, buildings, and/or technology should be reported to KESO for investigation. KESO will then create a plan of action, or issue the use of new, safer mechanics.
5.3 - Any other hazard, reported by a union, employee or employer, should be reported to KESO for inspection and feedback regarding the direct impact on the laboring people.

Proposed by Wesley Karlsson, Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic - Leader of the Democratic Labour Party of Kodiak.

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