Protected Witness Service Act, 650

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The Kodiak General Assembly hereby;

REPEALS Article 1 Section 6 of the Policing Act, 645 and;

ENACTS the following Protected Witness Service Act, 650

The Protected Witness Service Act, 650

Noting the instability and destruction caused by the Kodiak Militia, targeting the inadequate response by this assembly and ensuring the safety of our citizens.

PASSED on 19 March 2023, with 17 Aye, 1 Nay, and 5 Abstentions.

Article 1 - Definitions

1.1 - A witness should be any person who has knowledge of or information on the commission of a crime and has testified or is testifying or is willing to testify. But not all witnesses should be admitted, witnesses for crimes concerning petty offenses, witnesses whose testimony cannot be corroborated in material points, law enforcers.

Article 2 - WPS Authority

2.1 - The Minister of Law and Order may provide for the relocation and other protection of a witness or a potential witness for the official proceeding concerning an organized criminal activity or other serious offense if the Minister of Law and Order determines that an offense involving a crime of violence directed at the witness or the general public
2.2 - The Minister of Law and Order shall establish guidelines defining the types of cases for which the exercise of authority would be appropriate.
2.3 - Local police stations are legally entitled to the use of issuing rewards for valid information, leads, or tips, reviewed by the Ministry of Justice, Law, and Order.

Article 3 - Witness Protection

3.1 - A witness, or potential witness, shall be protected by law from physical, emotional, and mental harm if the danger of said person is at risk, deemed by the Minister of Law and Order. If said person is at risk, the Minister of Law and Order shall:
3.1.1 - Provide legal documents to temporarily alter the victim’s identity
3.1.2 - Provide transportation for the victim
3.1.3 - Provide housing for the victim
3.1.4 - Disclose and/or refuse to release the identity and location of said victi

Article 4 - Funding

1.1 - Allocates ₣110M quarterly to the WPS for purposes to fund, allocate resources and personnel for the protection of key witnesses for the judicial process.

Written and Proposed by Aaron Tonnesen, MGA, NUP
With support from the National Unity Party.

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