Nutritional Standards for School Meals Act, 649

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Nutritional Standards for School Meals Act

The Ministry of Education and Health, following a science-based approach, recognises that good nutrition and availability of food allow growing children the energy to learn and develop new skills, social capabilities, and knowledge amongst their peers. The Kodiak Republic recognises that no child should be left behind, and all children should be provided an equal opportunity for growth regardless of circumstances.

ENACTED by the Kodiak Education Reforms, 649.
AMENDED by the Emergency Education Appropriations Act.

Article 1: School Meals for All

1.1 - All state schools shall be provided with free breakfast and lunches should students or families wish to partake, free of charge.
1.2 - Meals shall be distributed by schools to pupils as per their own internal policy.
1.3 - The Ministry of Education will have a budget of ₣250 million per quarter to orchestrate catering and distribution per province.

Article 2: Nutritional Standards

2.1 - In consultation with the Ministry of Health, nutritional standards will be presented and adhered to by all school meal catering services.
2.1 - Nutrition guidelines will be published by the Ministry of Education for student and family information, as well as to provide guidance on meals for students should families wish to provide their own.
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