Kodiak National Turnpike Act (665)

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REJECTED by the General Assembly on 22 January 663. 9 AYE, 10 NAY, 3 ABSTAIN. A bill to create a turnpike authority under the Ministry of Transportation that creates turnpikes across the country without using taxpayer money and is self funded.

Article 1 - Establishment of the Kodiak National Turnpike Authority

1.1. Forms the Kodiak National Turnpike Authority (KNTA) under the Ministry of Transportation.
1.2. The KNTA will manage turnpikes and bridges that the agency builds itself or gains by sale of municipality or by the Ministry of Transportation.
1.3. The Ministry of Transportation may only fund the KNTA with bonds. No taxpayer money allocated to the Ministry of Transportation may be used by the KNTA. The Ministry of Transportation must provide 50 million Florins in starting up funds.
1.4. The KNTA must repay the bonds with tolls over a period of time specified by the Ministry of Transportation.

Article 2 - Projects and Programs of the KNTA

2.1. The KNTA must identify corridors and build turnpikes connecting cities together across the nation.
2.2. The KNTA is responsible for maintaining turnpikes that it builds or obtains with money it gains from tolling fees.
2.3. The KNTA is responsible for creating an electronic tolling system to be used nationwide and manage the system.
2.4. The KNTA is responsible for creating a high-class transportation system, providing roadside services to drivers using its system. High-Class is defined as reliable, adequate maintenance, high quality system.

Article 3 - Establishing KNTA Regulations and Restrictions

3.1. A turnpike is defined as a toll road that is designed to take higher speeds of up to 100 KPH or more. The road must have at least four (4) lanes, two (2) lanes in each direction, with a 40 foot median or barrier in the middle to separate traffic. The turnpike must also be a controlled access highway.
3.1.1. The KNTA may not operate on residential roads on or on roads with only two (2) lanes, one (1) lane in each direction with the exception of a toll bridge (see 3.2.1), or on existing roads that were constructed prior to passing of this bill.
3.2. A Toll Bridge is a bridge that connects two (2) roads together over a gap or river.
3.2.1. The KNTA may not operate existing bridges that are under 150 meters in length or cross a flood zone where the river is up to 150 meters wide or if the bridge is only 15 meters tall from maximum height from top of the river.

Article 4 - Governance

4.1. The KNTA will be governed by the Ministry of Transportation.
4.2. The Ministry of Transportation must oversee and set cost on KNTA operated roads

Article 5 - KNTA Bonds

5.1. The people of Kodiak will have the right to invest in KNTA bonds.
5.2. The bonds can be bought with pension without income taxes being charged if taken out by the government specified retirement age.
5.3. The Ministry of Transportation and the Turnpike Commission will be responsible for regulating bonds given to the KNTA.

Proposed by Joe Fara, DPPK

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