Investigation Into Non-Participatory Civilian Deaths During Astroberg Uprising (665)

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Investigation Into Non-Participatory Civilian Deaths During Astroberg Uprising (665)

PASSED by the General Assembly on 15 March 664. 10 AYES, 6 NAYS, 1 ABSTAIN.
Events that result in civilian deaths by police officers are investigated by independent panel to establish if police officers acted in an appropriate manner and provide recommendations on avoidance of future occurrences.

Article 1 – Establishment of Panel

1.1  – The panel shall consist of individual assessors from a range of backgrounds with experience in investigation, including but not limited to police, psychology, etc. The panel shall be appointed without bias or influence of political affiliation.

Article 2 – Purpose of Investigation

2.1  – The panel will investigate the events during the Astroberg uprising to determine whether the use of deadly force was justified and whether civilian deaths could have been avoided.

2.2  – The panel will investigate both the deaths of unaffiliated civilians and active participants.

Article 3 – Mobilization of CCE

3.1  – The panel will present their findings to the government once the investigation has concluded.

3.2  – The panel will make recommendations for future actions aiming to prevent unnecessary bloodshed.

3.3  – The results of the investigation will be freely available to all MGA’s.

Authored by John Edwards.

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